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Sales Policy

I am not an expert in any field—even in my specialties, I am always learning. The articles provided in If I Die… and Your Portfolio & You are based on my particular experiences. I have an inquiring mind, and I hate to have all my research go for naught, especially if it can help others. However, the contents of each article are simply to help you understand and become aware of possible pitfalls. Use these articles as a getting-started point and talk to a lawyer or an accountant before you finalize anything.

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Relationship to Third Parties

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This means KD Did It may receive some form of compensation through an arrangement it has with a third party if you 1) Click on certain ads or links on our website, emails, or newsletters, or 2) Purchase a product or service after clicking a link.

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. If you have any questions about KD Did It Takes on Books, please contact Kathy Davie

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KD Did It uses PayPal’s website for credit card payments and if there is a problem with the money, the buyer should contact PayPal. If there is a problem with the product purchased from KD Did It, the buyer should contact KD Did It in Colorado and according to Colorado law.

Items for sale are not available in Virginia or the Netherlands.

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