For the Kids: John & Hank Green at Carnegie Hall AND Your City

Posted January 9, 2013 by Kathy Davie in

John and Hank Green's The Fault in Our Stars coverWell, okay, it could be in your city. If you get a move on!

Tuesday, January 15, Penguin Young Readers Group and Tumbler have organized a way in which kids can “attend” a “speaking engagement with authors John and Hank Green to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Fault in Our Stars with musical guests, the Mountain Goats, at Carnegie Hall” for an Evening of Awesome.

The event will be available via livestreaming through participating libraries and bookstores and will be followed over the weekend, January 19-20, with the Ultimate John Green Trivia Challenge.

Talk to your local bookstore or library about using the kit Tumbler has put together to:

  1. Host a livestreaming through Tumblr
  2. Conduct the trivia challenge, or
  3. Both

(Check with John Green’s Tumblr to see which libraries and bookstores are currently on board. Thirteen states and one country, so far!)

Engage the kids and encourage them to come up with questions from the John Green books and submit them for the Ultimate John Green Trivia Challenge!