Book Review: Karen Chance’s “The Gauntlet”

Posted January 17, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

This book came from the author as a free story, and I will never give you less than an honest review, no matter its source. I do provide informational and purchase links to make it more convenient for you to access the book. I also receive a percentage of the sale if you use one of my links to buy it. And that's not enough money to be less than truthful *grin*.

Book Review: Karen Chance’s “The Gauntlet”

"The Gauntlet"

by Karen Chance


Series: Cassandra Palmer #0.5, Gillian #1

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Genres: Urban Fantasy

This eBook has 52 pages and was published by the author on October 12, 2010. Discover more about it at Goodreads.

A free short story, 0.5, in the Cassandra Palmer urban fantasy series. This one involves Kit Marlowe when he’s still a young vampire and he’s working for the Queen in Elizabethan England.

Download it for free (so far) at Karen Chance’s website.

My Take

This one is a blip in the early life of Kit Marlowe (as vampire) when he’s spying for the Queen and/or mistresses. It doesn’t say which queen, so I’m assuming from the text that Chance means Queen Elizabeth.

It’s interesting that the Silver Circle seems to be all men while the witches appear to be all women. With the men doing their best to beat all the women into submission. Well, at least their gender is consistent as violence and subjugation is the only route men — in general — understand.

I’d love to know more of Gillian’s story!

The Story

Captured. And it doesn’t seem as if any kind of future is possible. But Gillian is determined to fight. For herself and for her young daughter. She’ll do whatever it takes to flee this place with Elinor.

Marlowe, on the other hand, desperately needs a witch to aid him with his mission. A witch who intends to meet a representative of the Black Circle. And who can blame her really, after what the Silver has done to the English covens!

The Characters

Gillian Urswick is one of a number of witches imprisoned by the Silver Circle. Elinor is her seven-year-old daughter. Winnie is a dwarf and a witch.

Kit Marlowe is a vampire sent on a secret mission regarding the Black Circle.

The Cover and Title

The cover’s background looks like a medieval great hall in gray with a tiled floor, gothic widnows, and an upper railing with wood moldings. The red-haired Gillian is dressed for the time period in a square-necked gown with ground-sweeping sleeves, her arms stretched to her sides in supplication with her head raised toward the ceiling.

The title refers to the “battle” through which a Mother must prove herself to her coven.

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