Book Review: Jaye Wells’ Silver-Tongued Devil

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Book Review: Jaye Wells’ Silver-Tongued Devil

Silver-Tongued Devil

on January 5, 2012 and has 405 pages.

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Fourth in the Sabina Kane urban fantasy series revolving around a half-vampire, half-mage who suddenly finds herself very wanted. This story is based in New York City.

My Take

There is no lack of melodramatic action in this story, and with a turnover in leadership amongst the vamps, it just gets better?…worse?…I mean, WTF? There’s a murder at Slade’s club, therefore all the years he’s done a great job in NYC suddenly mean nothing? I don’t get this logic. Besides, I thought NYC was supposed to be independent of the official group of vampires? When did that change? And why would Slade agree to it?! Then putting Alexis in charge? Oh, no. I can’t believe anyone would be that stupid!

Then there’s Sabina’s lame reasons not to tell Adam about her and Slade’s one-night hook-up. The whiny drama about Gighul not wanting Sabina on his roller derby team. The whole routine with Michael mating Mac off. The big breakup. The assassinations. The convenient, sudden change of heart by Maeve. I dunno, I just get the feeling that Wells didn’t really know what to do with this and just wanted to get this installment out or the way so she could start the last book in the series, Blue-Blooded Vamp, 5. That she simply did whatever to get it checked off her list. And the lame list just keeps growing with Gighul’s letting the truth about Slade slip out. Talk about manufactured…

Oooh, fun, one of the bits of evidence is an S&M glove. Darn, all those sex shops Sabina, Adam, and Mr. Giggles will have to visit…

The Story

Everyone is recovering from events in Mage in Black, 2, but a fresh set of ritual murders sets them all back. It doesn’t help that Tanith has her own ideas of who should be running things in New York. Maisie hasn’t had a vision since her rescue. Sabina’s magic lessons have suddenly propelled her into a whole new landscape—the Liminal, the borderlands between Earth and Irkalla. A terrifying one. And Michael is demanding that Mac marry the werewolf of his choice.

After the disastrous events in New Orleans in Mage in Black when Cain tried to start a war, the leaders of the dark races are determined to sign a treaty ensuring peace for all…best laid plans and all that.

The Characters

Sabina Kane is the High Priestess of the Blood Moon with the noble bloodlines of mages and vampires running through her, giving her Chthonic mage powers. She and Adam Lazarus, a mage with the Pythian Guard (think secret service plus special forces), have finally hooked up. Giguhl/Gigi, a.k.a., Mr. Giggles when he shifts into a cat, Sabina’s Mischief demon, is anxious about his new relationship with a cross-dressing fairy, Brooks/Pussy Willow, who has moved to New York City in an attempt to escape his memories. Rhea Lazarus is Adam’s aunt and in charge of the priestesses. Maisie Graecus is Sabina’s identical twin sister, the Order’s Oracle, High Priestess of the Chaste Moon, and struggling to overcome her horrific experiences in New Orleans in Mage in Black.

Tanith Severinus is the new Despina of the vampires; Persephone is still part of the council, but with a lot less power. Alexis Vega is one bitch of a vampire and a former Enforcer before being promoted to Tanith’s personal guard.

Orpheus is the leader of the Hekate Council and commander-in-chief of the guards. He’s also a father figure and mentor to Adam. Maeve is a nasty Queen of the Fairies. Master Mahan, the leader of the now-deceased Caste of Nod, is actually Cain, the father of vampires. Abel is a mage determined to imprison Cain. Tristan is a mage and Sabina’s father; he died before she and Maisie were born. Phoebe is the vampire mother who died giving birth to the girls.

Slade “The Shade” Corbin is a vampire “mob boss” and runs all the vampires in New York City from his bar, Vein. He once did Sabina wrong, but she was still attracted to him. Michael Romulus is the alpha of the Central Park pack, the Lone Wolves, and Mac’s uncle. Mackenzie “Mac” Romulus runs a bar, Lagniappe, in New Orleans with her vampire lover, Georgia Rousseau. Logan Remus is the werewolf Michael insists Mac mate.

Erron Zorn, the lead singer, and Ziggy, the deaf mage drummer, are both Recreants (banished mages) and members of the shock rock band, Necrospank. They’re playing in New York City as the last stop on their tour. Goldie Schwartz is their full-time hairdresser, a “fun-sized midget”, and she’s one horny gimp equestrienne. Erron’s got some important info on Cain for Sabina.

Madam Zenobia “Zen” is a voodoo practitioner in New Orleans and a friend of Rhea’s. Brook worked for her before he split for NYC.

Crack me up, Mistress Bianca, a vampinatrix, has some great information for the team. Tiny Malone runs a strip club and is definitely not a friend of Slade’s or Sabina’s. Alexis kills him before he can confess; makes ya wonder what she’s trying to conceal. Aesclepius is the god of medicine and healing.

On the Jersey Devils roller derby team, Merry Machete is a vampire and Ima Cutchoo is a mage and their jammer. Gighul is coaching the Manhattan Marauders roller derby team, which enjoys Stankerbell as their nymph jammer and, finally, Sabina who is known as Betty Bloodshed.

Lilith is the goddess of the dark races while Hekate is the goddess of mages.

The Cover and Title

The cover is black-and-white highlighted by the streaky red of Sabina’s hair. Sabina herself is crouched on the edge of a skyscraper, holding a gun, and ready for action with New York and the Empire State Building in the background.

I’m guessing the title is simply supposed to be cute as I can’t figure out who the Silver-Tongued Devil is. I suppose it could apply to Cain as easily as he seems to force his will on everyone…