Charlie Huston, My Dead Body

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My Dead Body (Joe Pitt, #5)My Dead Body by Charlie Huston
Series: Joe Pitt, 5
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fifth in the Joe Pitt urban fantasy series set in an alternate New York City, specifically Manhattan. And I think it’s the last…

The Story
After Every Last Drop, Joe has been living in the sewers for the past year—a natural fallout after instigating war and massive distrust where Chubby finds Joe and begs him to find his pregnant, missing daughter. The father is a young vampyre and word is spreading that the child could be the hope for all vampires. Every group wants the child; few for that child’s good. Amanda’s enterprise is failing with success. The Coalition is furious and terrified—more and more vampyres are brawling and killing in public. Grave Digga is determined his people will survive while Tom is maneuvering behind-the-scenes destroying what he cannot enfold.

Each sowing a destruction peculiar to their own practice.

The Characters
Joe Pitt is a vampyre with an enforcer mentality. Turned when he was a teen, introduced to the life by Tom of the Society, befriended by Daniel of Enclave, abused by Predo of the Coalition, manipulated by Grave Digga, enticed by Amanda, and used by all of them.

Evie, the bartender he fell in love with and almost failed. Christian, the top-hatted vampyre leader of the biker gang whom Joe rescued. Paulie, the snitch who abused and used and reaped the same in return.

My Take
This started out so disjointed and rapidly went downhill, deaths occurring right and left as Joe cleaned house, just until the end when Huston leaves us in both hope and fear with Daniel’s belief fulfilled…we think…

Tom’s manipulations are thoroughly revealed; a true brother of the Coalition. Why Huston had Pitt leave the blood camp as it was when he had such a simple solution…I’ll never know or understand. Well, okay, maybe understand as it was useful for Hurley and Linda’s comprehension.

Joe is an odd duck. He has no problem with hurting people or destroying himself and yet, at the end, it seemed as though he had planned every step of the way. Was he that devious, that clever, or simply making it up as he went?

The Cover
Too many clues in this cover that this is the last book in the series. Staying true to form, the cover is split in two: a light at the end of the tunnel [sewer, naturally] and Joe with a cigarette burned half way through lying down, one fang just visible in the low light overlapping his bottom lip.

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