Book Review: Donna Grant’s Dark Craving

Posted October 1, 2012 by Kathy Davie in

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Book Review: Donna Grant’s Dark Craving

Dark Craving

It is part of the Dark Kings 0.1 series and is a in eBook edition on July 31, 2012 and has 105 pages.

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An e-novella and first in the Dark Kings paranormal romance series set in contemporary Scotland. The couple focus is on Hal and Cassandra Hunt.

My Take

Grant quickly sets up a variant on a dragon shifter species and leaves us hanging, wondering where the dragons went, how many dragon kings there are, why the magic has suddenly developed a glitch, and what that ancient deal entails.

I loved the start with all the attention Grant pays to setting the atmosphere and emotions. I do wish she had kept this going for the rest of the story. It would have been richer for it. That’s not to say I’m not interested in the next in the series, Night’s Awakening.

Dan is such a jerk! I’m anxious to meet this guy and find out what his deal is! What is with that car? What? He doesn’t figure on luggage and carting that huge dog around? If he’s on something of a friendly basis with the guys over at the distillery, wouldn’t he have asked one of them to pick Cassie up?

Grant doesn’t convey much emotion in this once past the beginning. Sure, I’m curious as to upcoming events, but I don’t feel emotionally involved.

The Story

Chance — and the economy — have sent Cassandra Hunt to her brother’s remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands. her brother’s carelessness would have made this a deathly experience if not for Hall finding her half-frozen and locked out.

it’s a visceral punch to the heart for both. Cassie knows it’s one-sided on her part. No one who looks like Hal wants a woman who looks like her.

Hal. Hal needs to resist his attraction to this human. The attraction he feels is forbidden by their laws.

And something has gone wrong with the Dragon magic for the Silvers are stirring, a new Dragon King is born, and Hal can feel.

The Characters

Cassandra Hunt has been out of work for over a year and is desperate. She’s made a deal with her brother Dan to renovate his cottage while she begins her life anew. Duke is the Great Dane whom Dan asked her to pick up.

Hal is one of the immortal Dragon Kings along with Constantine, the King of the Kings; Rhys; Banan; Guy Royston; and, Kellan, who tracks dragon history. Their stronghold and income is through the Dreagan Distillery.

Tristan is the new Dragon King. Born fully grown, tattooed, and sword in hand shortly after Cassie’s arrival.

Ulrik was King of the Silvers until he went to war against the humans. Humans who hunt dragons down, but whom the Dragon Kings are sworn to guard.

Druids and Warriors are other magical groups with their own evil to face — Declan.

The Cover and Title

All lilacs in the gleaming, torqued, very muscular, naked torso tattooed with a writhing dragon — its head and forearms covering Hal’s pectorals and the rest of the dragon, its tail twisting back and forth on itself, covering his rib cage.

The title is Hal’s response to Cassie, his Dark Craving for a forbidden woman.