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It’s been a long, hard slog, but you’re done. You’ve read through it hundreds of times, writing, deleting, cutting-and-pasting, burning that midnight oil…wash, rinse, and repeat… Friends and beta readers have read it from cover-to-cover, over and over. You’ve run spellchecks and grammar checks. Your English major sister and the friend who reads everything he can get his hands on have all checked it over for errors. Trust me, it’s not enough.

There have been too many books passing through my hands which have all experienced variations on the above, and there have been too many errors in spelling, facts, grammar, punctuation, you name it. One particular author had a master’s in literature and her book was a disaster in too many ways.

You have worked too hard to not put a final polish on your work.

Editing is not intended to detract from your work but to enhance it. To focus your readers’ attention on your intended message or storyline instead of the errors. It makes your work more salable and you, as the author, appear more professional, which increases your reputation as an author, student, or business. If you’re looking for an agent or publisher, it increases your chances of your manuscript being read. If you’re a company selling a product or service, your business looks more professional and reliable.

KD Did It does more than professionally edit your work, and I understand the need to budget (and how difficult it is to locate all the information needed to get your book ready for release). Author Resources is designed to provide authors a one-stop source with part of it free and an upcoming section that will be subscription-only.

Readers may want to explore my Book Reviews in my blog, KD Did It Takes on Books; and, for those authors who prefer to do as much of their own editing as possible, there are the author tools in Self-Editing.

Besides Editing…

Besides the technical and fictional editing KD Did It Edits provides, my KD Did It Takes on Books blog posts book reviews five times a week along with posts on improving yourself as a writer with suggestions on DIY editing.

My Own Publications

I have my own technical publications as well with my Your Portfolio & You series for artists and other small businesses and am working on several books for authors who prefer to self-edit. One upcoming release will be a freebie for anyone who subscribes to my blog.

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