KD Did It as Editor, Reviewer, Blogger

KD Did It is Kathy Davie, and she is passionate about words, whether editing your manuscript, letters, annual reports, social media, and more or reading and reviewing books.

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As a professional editor, KD Did It helps you put your best word forward whether it’s business-related or as an author with a manuscript.

In business, she collaborates with you to create easy-to-understand content that gets your message across, making you look good, staying on-brand, and being consistent in all your communications.

In working with authors, she is enthusiastic in ensuring your manuscript looks as professional and as polished as possible — in your voice — whether you intend to submit your work to established publishers or self-publish your work.

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The blogging side of KD Did It combines the Self-Editing posts with the reviews Kathy has done of a wide range of books.

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Kathy also understands the financial aspect of finding the money to pay an editor, which led to the Self-Editing side of KD Did It. To that end, Kathy has been posting a variety of self-editing tips from Word Confusions to Grammar Explanations to Formatting Tips to the Properly Punctuated.

That’s not to say you still don’t need an editor (or copywriter or proofreader), but by doing some of the preliminary editing/proofing, you can save some money.

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There are lots of ways for you to explore the books reviewed here on KD Did It: book reviews; lists of books in a variety of genres which Kathy has read and what she think of them; a Chronological Lists of Complex, Intersected Series of all those series that have subseries and/or short stories…or those series which slip back and forth along the chronological line. For an obsessively organized person, not knowing drives Kathy nuts!; and, then there are my own publications.

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So stop worrying about commas and hire a pro!
KD Did It will work with you.

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  1. Are you taking review requests at this time? If so where would I send a copy of book, E-book or soft cover? Do you review non-fiction genre, eastern philosophy, yoga philosophy for everyday living. Combination of ancient yoga teachings with a psycho/spiritual approach.

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