Book Review: Maggie Shayne’s Night’s Edge

Posted November 27, 2010 by Kathy Davie in

by Kathy Davie

Night's EdgeNight’s Edge by Maggie Shayne
Series: “Dancers in the Dark” (Sookie Stackhouse, 4.2)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Charlaine Harris‘ “Dancers in the Dark” uses the general world of Sookie Stackhouse as the setting for a romance between a dancing vampire and an abused young woman. The story is good but the writing is juvenile (for Harris).

Maggie Shayne did not disappoint; “Her Best Enemy” was cute. This is a sweet, unexpected (on everyone’s part) romance involving mediums, a muckraker, and a serial killer.

Barbara Hambly‘s “Someone Else’s Shadow” released a great many unhappy ghosts while saving young women with romance as a very small sidebar. Good writing.

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