Alex Archer, Bone Conjurer

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Bone Conjurer
Series: Rogue Angel, 24
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay, this one is more like it…hey, what can I say, I like the bad boys too! Yup, Garin Braden is back and it looks like there might be a three-way conflict coming up five or so stories from now. Garin’s got something going and I don’t trust him. I suspect Garin likes the chase, Annja certainly took a huge chance on him. Roux…hmmm…I might sleep if he were in the same room…maybe; and, then there’s Bart and his hugs! Annja is definitely feeling the drought.

Bone Conjurer tries to be subtle in its hit-me-over-the-head-with-a-hammer style. The treasure is a skull associated with the Knights Templar although the chase is on throughout New York City. Naturally, some guy whom Annja likes will not be continuing on the next episode. The major bad guy is really bad with a suggestion of possessive evil although his stated goal is hopeful while his minions have the brains of hammers. The conjurer is a hammer when it comes to Annja and he only wants the treasure for good..but then, there’s the end. Garin wants the treasure…well, it’s Garin, who knows what he intends. Roux is a surprise in this one…who knew he could learn discretion?! Annja is edging closer to spilling the beans to Bart and Archer introduces a new character which opens up major possibilities for new adventures with the unusual.

There were a number of loose ends in this story. All these interested parties after the treasure with so little being revealed. It was a bit Keystone Kops for a while.

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