Book Review: Sylvia Day’s A Hunger So Wild

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Book Review: Sylvia Day’s A Hunger So WildA Hunger So Wild on July 3, 2012 and has 368 pages.

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Second in the Renegade Angels erotic paranormal romance series revolving around three separate supernatural species — angels, vampires, and lycans. The couple focus is on Elijah Reynolds and Vashti.

My Take

A good read. Day set up a massive conflict, the underlying series theme, in A Touch of Crimson and expands on it beautifully. It’s making me itch to read the next in the series, A Taste of Seduction.

Day teases very well! She has also written some hot love scenes. I do like the balance Day is managing with all the conflict that arises. Vashti’s traumatic past and the frustration she’s feeling along with the pull on her loyalty between Syre and Eli. Then there’s Eli’s own complex path involving his need as Alpha to protect a pack he doesn’t want, the importance of Lindsay’s friendship, and his own sense of loyalty to Adrian. As for Adrian…he and Lindsay have a minor role here although I did want to cry in the scene where Lindsay confronts Adrian over his growing humanity.

I had been wondering how Day would resolve Adrian’s sin of loving Lindsay. Several interesting possibilities including the truth behind Helena and Marcus’ deaths.

Okay, Vashti’s reluctance for the alliance may convince the lycans of the vampires’ sincerity, but the vampires’ desperate need will come out immediately. I wish Day had put a touch more separation into “we need each other” before leaping into “we need so much help”. Heck, Vashti was fine with pushing at Syre for a few days NOT to do this!

Oh!! LOL, I did enjoy Eli’s introductory position with Vashti. He just put it right out there — this is what I am, suck it up! The whole bit where each hates the other SO much and yet they leap into sex SO quickly was too fast. Although I also have to say that the fierce hatred and attraction also worked. I know, I know, I’m being contradictory.

Interesting questions being raised as to the truth behind the origins of the lycans — what the lycans learn as opposed to what the vampires believe. Then there are the revelations at the end. Eli is taking all this betrayal too easily — Rachel’s reaction in the beginning. I’m wondering if Phineas is alive.

While I enjoyed the whole confrontation scene in Shreveport, Vashti’s reasoning was off. That, or Raye was pulling one on her. It is creating an interesting conflict with Syre. I do like Eli’s reasons for loving Vash…sigh…

Whoa! That encounter in Louisiana certainly brings additional clarity as well as many more questions.

The Story

Evidence of the stricken vampires is becoming apparent and Syre makes a bold move sending the lycan-hating Vashti as his ambassador to the rebelling lycans and their Alpha. Primed to hate, to rip each other apart, Eli and Vashti do. Only not in anger, but in lust.

Facing an unexpected partnership, both are loyal to their own with the added conflict of their own attraction to the enemy. A development that gives them the breathing space to discover a more perfidious enemy.

It’s Grace’s need for information the requires the Lycan-Vampire alliance.

The Characters

Vashti is a Fallen angel. A vampire and Syre’s second-in-command. Vicious and brutal, she loves Syre very much. As a friend. Her commander. Her team usually includes Raye who can’t keep it in his pants and Salem. Charron was her mate. Both were angels who Fell when they fell in love.

What did happen to Ice? Is he a party to this?

Elijah Reynolds is a lycan and one of the very rare Alphas. Loyal to Adrian and a friend to Lindsay. The sudden revolt leaves him in charge of the rebelling lycans. Rachel was Micah’s mate. Eli owes her a revenge that can be paid with the death of Vashti. Stephan is his beta. Sarah is a young Omega. One of many female wolves attracted to the Alpha.

Ben and Andrew are two lycans who return to the Sentinels.

Lindsay Gibson held two souls. Her own and Shadoe’s. Syre was Shadoe’s father and it was necessary to turn Lindsay into a vampire to release one of the souls. She’s a vampire now. One who can walk in daylight.

Adrian Mitchell leads the Sentinels. He is the captain and he’s flouting the rules by being in love with a mortal. The same rule that Fell Syre, Vashti, Charron… Malachai, Geoffrey, and Damien are fellow Sentinels.

Raguel Gadara may be an archangel, but he sounds more like a demon. His territory covers all of North America. Evangeline Hollis works for Raguel and offers contact information on his allies to Adrian. Anything to shaft Raguel.

Syre was the first angel to Fall when he fell in love with Torque and Shadoe‘s mother. Adrian cut off his wings and Syre became the first vampire and their leader. Torque is naphil — part angel, part mortal. His wife Nikki was killed in A Touch of Crimson.

Sentinels are the warrior angels charged with policing the Fallen and their vampires and minions. The Fallen are angels who fell in love with mortals.

Dr. Grace Peterson is a vampire scientist struggling to find an antidote to the disease destroying vampires, turning them into Wraiths. Her counterpart on the Sentinel side is Siobhán.

The Cover and Title

The cover is orange. Against a titled backdrop of a nightlit downtown scene, a shirtless Eli adopts a casual stance, thumbs hooked in his front jean pockets and three nasty scratches marring his right pectoral muscle.

The title really sums up Eli and Vashti’s mutual attraction with A Hunger So Wild.


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