Book Review: Liz Carlyle’s Tempted All Night

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Book Review: Liz Carlyle’s Tempted All Night

Tempted All Night

on February 17, 2009 and has 448 pages.

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Fourth in the Neville Family historical romance series set in 1830 London. The couple focus is on Tristan Talbot and Lady Phaedra Northampton.

My Take

This was very good. A nice subtle build up with intelligent characters. What a treat! Carlyle has built a story with great depth and emotion in a fluffy romance with an unexpected level of flirtation between two characters who want nothing to do with the other. The manner in which Carlyle reveals Phae’s own concerns about her particular desires is amazingly well done. Very natural. In fact, this is a light and fluffy BDSM on the protagonists’ side.

It’s not all that historically accurate, but I find I can forgive quite a bit when the author provides such a good story.

I just adore Nash. He’s so kind and considerate for a man of that time period. I do like how he blackmails Phaedra. Tristan’s thoughts about his father and their past is a sad endorsement on the importance of communication.

The Story

Lady Phaedra and Miss Armstrong almost witness a murder when someone falls into Mr. Kemble’s shop with a knife in his back. A murder with political ramifications and the earl requests that Tristan investigate the why of the man’s murder, for it could have dire consequences for Britain.

Phaedra has her own investigation to accomplish: finding Priss’ mother before something terrible happens. She is determined that Priss shall have her mother. Protecting Nash from whatever she’s fallen into…

It’s fate that throws these two together and not always the one you want.

The Characters

Lady Phaedra Northampton has a soft heart, partially influenced by a traumatic event when she was younger. Agnes is her maid, and she has a sister, Millie Dales, who’s in trouble. Priscilla is Millie’s daughter. Phoebe is Phaedra’s younger sister; she and their mother, the Dowager Marchioness [Edwina], are a matched pair — both dimwits. Stefan, the Marquess of Nash, is Phaedra’s stepbrother. Xanthia is his pregnant wife, and they have one son, Luke. Tony Hayden-Worth is the messy younger brother with the even messier wife, Jenny. Aunt Henslow is Edwina’s more intelligent sister.

Tristan Talbot, Lord Avoncliffe, is a rake of the worst sort. It’s not so much the married women as the consorting with the lower class. Uglow is his valet and bodyguard. His father, the Earl of Hauxton, is very important at Whitehall. And he’s dying. He’s never approved of Tristan. And Tristan has done his best to deserve that. Pemberton is his father’s butler. Nebbett is one of Hauxton’s assistants. Cousin Harold, Tristan’s heir, will come in very handy, although he won’t know it.

George Kemble is a shopkeeper of “Elegant Oddities and Fine Folderol”. Mr. Gorsky, a Russian, owns a brothel and is hopeful of Lady Phaedra’s aid. Hmmm, whatever has Phae been up to?? Flora is one of the girls. Mrs. Wooten manages the house across the street.

Miss Zoë Armstrong is a bastard daughter accepted by society. Yeah, right. Lady [Eliza] Blaine is a friend from their home village who is married to a minor baronet. Lord Robert Rowland is a distant relation to Zoë and provider of illicit cheroots.

Lord [Max] de Vendenheim is one of Peel’s people at the Home Office.

Madame Lilya Vostrikova has set herself up quite nicely in her retirement. Lavrin appears to be one of her lieutenants.

The Cover and Title

The cover is all sweetness and innocence with Phaedra in a virginal empire dress (?), nightdress (?) trimmed with lace and green ribbon.

The title is certainly suitable, as Phaedra is Tempted All Night.