Book Review: Shiloh Walker’s Wrecked

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Book Review: Shiloh Walker’s Wrecked


on April 2, 2013 and has 320 pages.

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A sweet, contemporary romance between childhood best friends.

Formerly titled Wreck This Life.

My Take

This was just lovely and too cute how carefully Abby and Zach dance around their own thoughts and each other. Terrified of losing each other’s friendship, knowing everything about each other, and unable to stop thinking about the other.

It is almost too twee how they tip-toe around each other, but Walker walks that line and keeps it sweetly real, although I find it hard to believe that Zach could truly convince Abigale that he “just happened” to find a perfect available building in a city that Abby’s moved to. It’s also hard to believe that Abby has been that obtuse for that long about Zach’s feelings, just as it’s pretty unbelievable that Zach keeps from making a move for all those years. It’s certainly not an insta-love.

Walker provides all the background we need even as she drops us into a critical period for Abby with her dreams collapsing. It’s just a “day” in the life as we get a feel for Abby and Zach’s relationship — their shared past and current day with friends and family along with their dreams for the future.

Seems a little too coincidental that certain people, too blinded by their own desires, are suddenly doing their best to shove an oar in Zach’s plans. Then there’s Abby’s extreme reaction at Zach’s shop when Keelie has her own reaction to Zach’s lecture.

It’s a cozy armchair of a read that will find you laughing and crying, and ultimately pleased.

The Story

With the heartbreak of Roger’s breaking up with Abby, she takes refuge in her listmaking, her way of controlling what’s careening out of control in her life. Again.

Only Zach has another idea for her. Listmaking with a built-in chaos factor that sends Abby on a wild ride. And nothing will ever be the same between the friends again.

The Characters

Abigale Applegate got out from under her selfish mother’s, Blanche‘s, control as soon as she was old enough. A former child star, she now works as a caterer operating her own business in Tucson. Marin Del Marco is another child star and friend from the Nate + Kate show, although she’s still enjoying her acting career. Marin’s just one of many who know how Zach feels about Abby. Leo is Marin’s assistant.

Zach Barnes was Abigale’s co-star back in the day. Now he’s a tattoo artist still in love with Abby seventeen years later. Keelie is his partner with her own issues; Javi is another tattoo artist. Zane (he’s incredible with a camera and has a thing for Keelie); the twins, Trey (Cara’s widower and he has a son) and Tavis; and, Sebastian, the baby who has taken up his own acting career but has his own issues, are all Zach’s brothers. Denise is their wise mother.

Roger is Abigale’s newly ex-fiancé. He claims he can’t marry a woman who can’t be true to herself…gag…

The Cover and Title

The cover is a casual pose with a tired Zach and Abby collapsed on barstools in broad daylight. They’re just Wrecked


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