Book Review: Yasmine Galenorn’s Changeling

Posted January 31, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Yasmine Galenorn’s Changeling



Yasmine Galenorn

urban fantasy that was published by Berkley on June 5, 2007 and has 278 pages.

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Second in the Otherworld paranormal romance series revolving around three sisters, agents of the Otherworld Intelligence Agency (OIA). The series is based in the Seattle area.

My Take

I’ve decided that Galenorn is a drama queen of a writer with no depth and little tension, but a sense of humor. That said, I’m upping this story to a “4” strictly for her originality…definitely not for the writing.

Galenorn tosses in little tidbits to make the girls interesting but doesn’t really go anywhere with them. She also claims that Venus is the leader of the Pride but she sure doesn’t write him like one. I’m confused about “And Kyoka’s return was the marshal needed to get the Hunters Moon Clan to work for the demons?” Just what does “marshal” mean in this instance?? The drama Galenorn tries to set up between Zach and Delilah and Trillian and Smoky was weak, too.

I can’t believe it took so long for the girls to figure out they could pick up a book on raising gargoyles to help them with Maggie. Okay, so this big battle with the werespiders is critically important and the girls need all the help they can get.

Ya know, I don’t want anything to do with the Pride either. Their shaman and leader has been kidnapped and they can’t be bothered to send more than two people to help with the big battle?? And what about the other agents scattered around Seattle, couldn’t they be contacted for help…??

Well, all in all, it was an interesting battle. And Delilah does learn what being a Death Maiden is all about.

I like her characters — they’re fun and yet extremely practical. I’ll keep reading for them because I’m curious…no question there is definitely Leo in my sign! But, oh, what a treat it would be if Galenorn could write…or at least find a more critical editor!

The Story

A were is skulking around the D’Artigo sisters’ home just outside Seattle. Just that little bit extra the girls need when they’re already worrying about events in Otherworld. But, life goes on, and Delilah meets with a new client, a werepuma whose pride is under murderous attack. It seems he was the were prowling in their woods with his own agenda in mind.

Then, just because life was calm, Trenyth appears bearing a gift and warning from his Queen. Another Degath Squad has passed through a portal to the mortal world. Information that may have bearing upon her new client’s problem.

Yet questions arise about the Rainier Puma Pride when listening devices and spies are found, when the smell of cat magic is discovered on the murdered body of one of Delilah’s cat friends. Worse, yet, Camille discovers that her Moon magic doesn’t work on the werespiders. Not a happy thought when poisonous spiders can easily infiltrate the house. And battle to the death is looming.

The meeting with the Autumn Lord is both sweet and sour. Zach learns that his direct ancestor is responsible for Kyoka’s attentions and received one of the Seals the Degath Squad is hunting as well as the shifting ability from the Autumn Lord as a reward. Delilah receives the sour, the sigil of a Death Maiden, chosen by the Elemental Lord for his own.

She also learns of his Pride’s prejudices against her and her sisters. For the Pride has banned any of them from returning to Pride lands. The D’Artigo sisters are good enough to fix their problems; not good enough to be around.

The fun never ends for Trillian returns with news of their cousin’s arrest, the Queen has placed a bounty on the D’Artigo sisters’ heads, and the OIA has been disbanded. Nor have the Earthside agents been informed of the Degath Squads. Chase’s own FH-CSI team is also in jeopardy.

The Rainier Puma Pride is just damned lucky that the fate of Earth and Otherworld hangs on taking out the Hunters Moon Clan. Otherwise the girls just might let them hang themselves.

The Characters

The D’Artigo sisters are half-human, half-fae, with a third aspect on each of them.

Delilah D’Artigo is a werecat with her own private detective agency. Any kind of upsets trigger her change response and she turns into a house kitty with a preference for chasing butterflies and exploring the woods. She has a dirty little secret that Trillian is holding over her head. The other two D’Artigo sisters include Camille who is part magically-challenged witch and a connection to the Moon Mother who runs the Indigo Crescent bookstore and Menolly who is a vampire working the night shift at the Wayfarer Bar & Grill. Both the bookstore and the bar are owned by the OIA. A fact that will soon change.

Iris Kuusi is a Finnish house sprite who has come to work at the bookstore and lives in the old Victorian along with the girls. Maggie is a baby gargoyle Camille rescued from being Harpy snack food.

Chase Johnson is an FBH, a full-blooded human who works for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency (OIA) along with the sisters. He created the Faerie-Human Crime Scene Investigations (FH-CSI) team — the fae version of CSI. He’s currently seeing Delilah. Sharah and Mallen are both elvish medics with FH-CSI.

Trillian is back with Camille. For the war, he carries messages back and forth between Tanaquar and King Vodox while keeping the girls in news. Something about his being Svartan has caused a sexual bond to form between them and they can’t be parted — but he is willing to share with Morio, a kitsune who is also involved with Camille. Smoky the dragon also has an interest in Camille and makes a bargain with her for his help. A bargain that does not make Trillian or Morio happy.

Civil war has broken out in OW: Queen Lethesanar of Y’Elestrial is a hated opium addict and she is arresting anyone who might object; her sister, Tanaquar, has challenged her for the throne. Sephreh ob Tanu is their Sidhe father who must go into hiding when he refuses to war against the Svartans while Aunt Rythwar must also escape when her former friend, Lethesanar, discovers she has been spying for her sister Tanaquar. Their cousin Shamas has been convicted of treason against Queen Lethesanar for spying for Tanaquar; he is scheduled for torture and eventual execution. His parents Aunt Olanda and Uncle Tryys don’t know yet.

Asteria is the Elfin Queen for whom the girls are now working since their own Queen Lethesanar is more interested in partying. Asteria has formed an alliance with her former enemy, King Vodox of Svartalfheim, and both the elves and the Svartans are backing Tanaquar while Lethesanar has allied with the goblins. Trenyth is the Queen’s assistant and their liaison with the elfin court. Ronyl is an elvish technomagi sent to re-tune the girls’ Whispering Mirror to contact Trenyth now that their father is out of the picture. He’s quite helpful around the house as well.

The Autumn Lord is an Elemental to whom the girls appeal for help and information. Unfortunately, he gives them more than they had expected.

Georgio Profeta, a.k.a., Saint George the Dragon Killer, has moved in to Tom Lane’s old house — Smoky the dragon is looking after him. Estelle Dugan used to work for Georgio’s grandmother; Smoky found her and hired her to take care of him.

Otherworld (OW) is the land of all the fae. Cleo Blanco, a.k.a., Tim Winthrop, is a drag queen and computer geek about to be drafted to the OIA. He has a daughter with his ex-wife and is currently engaged to Jason Binds, the girls’ mechanic. Erin Mathews owns the Scarlot Harlot, a lingerie store where Camille picks up a lot of her designer BDSM wear; Titania; and, Tom Lane get a mention. Grandmother Coyote is an Elemental spirit bound to Earth; she can’t be charmed, harmed, or killed. Wisteria is a floraed fae who was spying for Shadow Wing and is currently imprisoned by Asteria. Jill Tucker runs a clothing store, The Fairy Tale, making custom clothing. Wade Stevens still runs Vampires Anonymous. He and Mennolly have been dating, but it’s not looking good for Wade when Mennolly meets his mother, Mrs. Belinda Stevens…eek! Somehow, I don’t think Wade would object if someone staked his mom. Sassy Branson, wealthy socialite, was turned into a vampire some time ago but she’s managed to keep it secret. Seems the director of the OIA is also a double agent working for Tanaquar — could be the reason no one has fired Camille yet for her associating with Trillian.

Zachary Lyonnesse is a werepuma and his Rainier Puma Pride needs Delilah’s help with finding the serial killer murdering his pridemates. Venus the Moon Child is the pride shaman. Other members include Tyler Nolan, Ajax Savanaugh, and Rhonda who elects to fight in the final battle in this installment.

Siobhan Morgan is a wereselkie and provides Delilah with background information on the were packs in the area. She’s having a problem conceiving and Delilah thinks the OIA medics might be able to help.

Hunters Moon Clan is a pack of hobo werespiders, unnatural weres created by a very powerful shaman, Kyoka, who was killed by Einar of the Iron Hand. A pack of which every other were is terrified enough to either not speak about or only speak in whispers…after checking the room for spiders and locking the doors! Geph von Spynne seems to be their leader. The girls subdue Horace von Spynne when they find him spying on them in their home. Lianel is a wanted Svartan who teams up to torture and kill for the Hunters Moon Clan.

Shadow Wing is a powerful demon overlord planning to destroy both Earth and the Otherworld. In preparation for that event, he keeps sending demon scout crews, Degath Squads, through: a Jansshi demon, Kyoka, and Geph???.

The Elwing Blood Clan is the group of vampires who tortured and turned Mennolly. It seems they’re about to enter the action — on the wrong side, naturally.

The Cover and Title

The background is a gradation of rust-brown darkening up to a black-brown with splashes of ochre text in front of which Delilah is crouched, her blonde hair shifting in a breeze wearing a dark brown tank top and torn, faded blue jeans.

The title is all all about Delilah and the new powers she’s discovering as a Changeling.