Lucy Monroe, Moon Burning

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Moon Burning (A Children of the Moon, #3)Moon Burning by Lucy Monroe
Series: Children of the Moon, 3
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Third in the Children of the Moon historical paranormal-romance series set in 12th century Scotland.

The Story
War has existed between the Éan and the Faol for centuries even though they are both Chrechte and it’s Sabrine’s responsibility as a raven scout to watch for incursions against her people, the Éan, the bird shifters. Normally. This trip has been spurred by the loss of the Clach Gealach Gra. A holy stone that is essential for her people to continue on into the future. Stolen by Faol, wolf shifters, Sabrine, a warrior of her people, has vowed to find it before her brother’s coming-of-age ceremony.

A leadership crisis in the Donegal clan has forced the king to replace the Donegal leader with his own man, Barr Sinclair, a man and wolf shifter honorable in his dealings with all kind. An honor that will be called upon greatly in the months to come as he works to uncover and repair the damage done by Rowland.

Fortunately for Barr and, ultimately for Sabrine, the damage does have its uses…

My Take
It’s a good story, I just wish Monroe were a better writer. I do like that Sabrine is a strong woman and stands up for herself. I like it even better how much Barr appreciates this. Monroe has created some nice characters with an interesting plot it’s just too bad that she didn’t take the time to develop the drama and deepen the tension.

The Cover
Nice cover. Love that muscled chest with the promise of a belted kilt! And a Highland loch behind him…hmmmm. My problem with it is why does Barr have a raven tattooed high up on his chest. I thought he turned into a wolf? Then there’s that mealy-mouthed, very delicate tattoo on his left bicep…what’s with that??

As for the title, I guess a stretch could be made for the love that burns between Barr and Sabrine.

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