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Nice Girls Don't Live Forever (Jane Jameson, #3)Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever by Molly Harper
Series: Jane Jameson, 3
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Third in the Jane Jameson urban fantasy series in Half Moon Hollow, Kentucky revolving around Jane, a former librarian who now runs a bookstore that specializes in vampire topics.

My Take

I do enjoy this series even though Jane makes me a bit nuts. Admittedly, she has had a lot to cope with over the past year what with losing her job to an idiot and being turned into a vampire followed up by a crash course—almost literally—on being a vampire! I just wish she wasn’t such a doormat. Although, it seems she’s starting to turn that around too with the Courtneys of the world as well as her own sister. Thank you, lord.

Oh yeah! I just love how Jane turns it around on the Courtneys!! Then there’s the need for a bouncer for Zeb and Jolene’s birthing day! Even Jolene is starting to get a spine around her family! Woo-hoo!!

The Story

Okay, this world tour thing is just not working. Gabriel is constantly running off to tend to business or talk on the phone. When he is around, he’s almost frantic with trying to keep Jane occupied. So when Zeb calls to tell Jane that there’s been a break-in at the shop, Jane leaps on the opportunity to go home. And cries all the way home for Gabriel’s reaction to her announcement.

Determined, Jane decides she will put all her energies into opening the shop and promoting it. She joins the Chamber of Commerce and copes with all the Courtneys. She endures Jenny and Grandma Ruthie. There’s the slowdown on Zeb and Jolene’s house that becomes critical when the newlyweds discover they’re pregnant. Ya just know Mama Ginger is gonna have a cow—and Jolene will probably eat it! The hassle of the Lavalles pulling and tugging with the Maclaines for ownership.

Then there are the threatening letters Jane is getting. Threatening to her peace of mind and detrimental to Gabriel having any chance to get back with Jane. Even more threatening to her peace of mind is Mr. Wainwright’s nephew, Emery. He’s there every day pushing and shoving at Jane to give him access to the inventory, all the order lists, the accounts, you name it, he wants to see it. He’s scaring off her customers!

The Characters

Jane Jameson is a wealthy vampire now—the Council finally gave up Missy’s estate! With Mr. Wainwright’s inheritance, Jane can create her own job with the bookstore and figure out how to cope with Gabriel’s avoidance. Gabriel Nightengale is Jane’s sire and boyfriend. A local boy made vampire, he does have a number of business interests around the world which is the excuse he uses to run out on Jane. Constantly.

Dick Cheney is turning into such a sweetie! His relationship with Andrea Byrnes is just what the doctor ordered as they blend characteristics of each other. Both are helping Jane with the bookstore. Zeb and Jolene Lavalle are expectant newlyweds—Zeb is freaking out about babies and the too-slow construction of their new house. Well, who wouldn’t if they’re worried about having a litter with Jolene’s clan sticking their muzzles in! And Mama Ginger is certainly no picnic!

Emery Wainwright is an idiot; thank god Mr. Wainwright didn’t leave the shop to him! He’s obnoxious, rude, and incredibly self-absorbed. Jeanine is a childe of Gabriel’s. That boy needs to get a spine! Jenny is Jane’s selfish, status-obsessed sister who believes it’s her moral right to steal from Jane. While Grandma Ruthie is even worse and certainly deserves her current boyfriend. Mama is Jane’s and she seems to be getting that her daughter really is a vampire. Not much of Dad in this story.

The Council consists of Ophelia who is just plain terrifyingly scary, Sophie who invades one’s brain to scrape away for information, Peter Crown, and Waco Marchand, the reasonable one.

The Cover

The cover model is not Jane (Jane doesn’t have short hair) but she does have this sexy librarian thing going on with her form-fitting royal blue v-neck top with its white pin dots as she holds a really thick book open. Little baby fangs peek out between her pink lips while she ensures her vampiric allegiance with bat pendants and a white gold bracelet. A ghostly Gabriel is about to nibble on her neck.

The title is an homage to Andrea, a nice girl who doesn’t live forever.

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