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Darkness Everlasting (Guardians of Eternity, #3)Darkness Everlasting by Alexandra Ivy
Series: Guardians of Eternity, 3
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Third in the Guardians of Eternity paranormal romance series based in Chicago and revolving around a group of vampires and their friends.

My Take
I do love how Gina blows off the mighty Salvatore and Frick and Frack! As much as I enjoyed the romance that arises, it feels off. Too soon, too fast, too easy. I know it’s the whole point of the book, but, c’mon, I’d like to feel they weren’t simply meeting the deadline. Although, I do like Darcy’s feistiness. She instinctively knows that Salvatore means her no good no matter how he tries to placate her. And he’s definitely handicapped with mom around.

Really, Salvatore’s arrogance is what costs him. Thirty years of hunting and he spoils it all by being much too noticeable. Duh. I know there’s supposed to be something important about her “friends”, the plants, but Ivy just doesn’t follow through on this.

Too funny…the scary, strong vampires are…I know, I know, this is politically incorrect, and as a woman, I should know better, but, c’mon, it’s perfect…these vamps are pussy-whipped! And the ladies are all plotting against the vamps. Hey, I know whose side I’m bettin’ on…!

Part of me wants to just gag over the too-easy manipulation with the photograph. Gimme a break. Is Darcy really that much of a dingbat? Well, obviously, because that’s how she’s written…that or Ivy was unwilling to put the effort into something more believable! It’s just clumsy. Darcy is sometimes very smart and other times just so dumb…words fail me. Ivy really has a good concept if she would only work at the clumsy bits in between.

Oh, crack me up! A vegetarian werewolf! You can imagine how that goes down..! Oh, isn’t that sweet. Salvatore is willing to wait a day or two to get to know Darcy and for her to get to know him before he rapes her. Ahh, romance…gag. Lord, it just keeps going downhill…all drama queeny. Other than a few dramatic bits, the story is all surface and too easy.

The Story
Mmm, seems Styx is beginning to be “fish” for Viper’s clan. A guest who has stayed too long. Now these disrespectful Weres are threatening the balance between their world and the humans. Except that Styx has discovered some interesting new leverage. By the name of Darcy Smith.

And Styx kidnaps her right out from under Salvatore’s nose. But she seems more worried about the politically correct term for a supernatural, at least, until Darcy finds out Styx’s plans for her. Plans that are swiftly melting away, just as Levet’s trek through the snow to retrieve her things leaves him melting.

It’s that dancing back and forth as Salvatore tries to entice her into his protection. He should have done his homework. For every step he takes forward, his mouth pushes him ten steps back.

The Characters
Darcy Smith has been shuffled from pillar to post her entire life from one foster home to another. Never fitting in anywhere. No family. Gina is a friend from work.

Styx has taken over leadership of the vampires with Anasso’s death; his Ravens now act as his bodyguards with DeAngelo at their head. Viper has been his friend for centuries; Shay is Viper’s mate (see Embrace the Darkness). Levet is the French gargoyle who keeps insinuating himself.

Salvatore Giuliani is the new Were leader in Chicago from Rome. Seems he’s forgotten how the hierarchy works in the world of demons. He and his Weres are too reckless, too disrespectful. Jade is a very jealous shifter and she doesn’t like Salvatore’s attentions straying. Hess is another shifter and part of his bodyguard. Sophia is Darcy’s so unmotherly mother. Yeah, she’s a mother all right.

Victoria and Uther are a couple of vampires from Australia with a petition for Styx; their king, Desmond, has his own views on things. Dante and Abbey have a cameo appearance.

The Cover
The cover has a rather thoughtful feel to it as Styx is raising his head up from where he had previously had it resting against his forearm.

I can only assume the title, Darkness Everlasting, refers to Styx being a vampire…

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