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The Tuloriad (Posleen War: Sidestories, #3)The Tuloriad by John Ringo
Series: Posleen War, 12
              Sidestories, 3
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is eleventh or twelfth (I am really confused here) in the Posleen War (also known as the Legacy of the Aldenata), a military science fiction series. Tuloriad is a bridge book setting us up, I think, for bringing the Posleen in as allies…

It was very confusing at first as it kept jumping around in time and between groups of “people”. The story finally settled between two groups: one which the Himmit and Indowy Aelool had helped to escape the Posleen disaster in Panama and the (mostly) human missionaries, led by the U.S.S. Salem (Sally) and Father Dwyer, who went in search of them with the primary focus on our backtracking through the background and history of the Posleen which essentially translates to more information about the Posleen religion.

Guano and his family have a major role to play on the missionary trek while ex-dictator of Panama, Boyd, is set up for his next starring role as the incorruptible supply master performing miracles with the Indowy.

I primarily kept plowing through it because I knew eventually Ringo and Kratman would take me somewhere! Some very interesting info “turns up” about the Aldenata.

I’m confused as to how the end of Tuloriad ties in with Eye of the Storm. Eye ends with the Posleen Emperor (Elect) Gamalsarad receiving a message to Return to Earth but Tulo’stenaloor (in 2028) is still the ruler of the group the Himmit and Indowy helped to escape. It sounds like they are two different groups of Posleen and the start of Tuloriad makes me wonder if the Aldenata are somehow pulling strings…I just have a hard time seeing two groups of Earth-friendly Posleen. I sure hope they’re coming up with #13…the suspense is killing me!

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