Book Review: Christy Reece’s Last Chance

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Book Review: Christy Reece’s Last Chance

Last Chance

on April 27, 2010 and has 357 pages.

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Sixth in the Last Chance Rescue romantic suspense series revolving around the employees of Last Chance Rescue (LCR), an organization that is the last chance to get back loved ones. The couple focus is on Lucas Kane and McKenna, the Ghost.

In 2010, Last Chance won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense.

My Take

What is it with psychopaths like Damon?? Reece writes so credibly about his character and his motivations…and I don’t get it. Intellectually, yes. I understand that people like him do exist. Is there any chance a test could be developed to weed people like this out in their childhood?? I know, I know, how very Hitler-esque of me! Eeeeeek. It may be we simply need to license parents. Be sure that they are psychologically able to want and raise a child. Heck, we require a license to drive a car. Raising a child for 18 years or thereabouts before turning them loose on society ought to require an ability to not abuse that child! Emotionally and morally, I don’t get it. It just blows my mind how Damon justifies everything he does.

This story expands upon Lucas’ rescue in No Chance, 4, and it is an interesting tale of a partial rescue and a definite escape. We also finally learn about McKenna’s past.

Oh, I love how playful Samara and Noah are. Samara notices chocolate on Noah’s chin and he suggests she come lick it off, but then realizes that a meeting is about to start. Instead, Samara promises that they can pick up some more chocolate for later…

This sums Damon up: “…he would never regret killing McKenna’s parents. They’d deserved to die. He did, in his weakest moments, wish that he hadn’t made her watch.”

It’s a story of extremes. Damon and his obsessions. Lucas and his fascination. *Laughing*, McKenna with her appetite! Lucas could watch her eat forever. He amazes me with his patience. I also love his business goals: taking care of his employees, helping the helpless, and making the world a better place. It’s both heartwarming and frustrating to watch McKenna want and fear a relationship as she veers back and forth between desire and terror.

Lucas’ plan is a good one and he seems to be a very skilled operator from his past and training with IDC so why he is suddenly so stupid is absolutely beyond me.

The Story

It has to stop. Lucas Kane has got to stop looking for her. McKenna simply cannot have friends lest they be destroyed. It seems the only way to get Lucas to stop his search is to be found. But it doesn’t do any good. If anything Lucas is more involved with this “captivating and enchanting McKenna” who is “absolutely terrified”.

It will be a slow, painful courtship. Lucas is taking a long view for he wants her in his life forever. First he needs to become her friend. They are well on their way until Noah calls about a kidnapping. A woman who looks exactly like McKenna has been taken. It’s McKenna’s fault and she has to find her.

Lucas has his own plans to stop Damon Hughes. Neither LCR nor Lucas are paying attention to how smart the pervert is and they will pay for that.

The Characters

McKenna Sloan is the Ghost. Not a regular employee of LCR, she slips in and helps out when she can. Her primary goal is to escape the notice of Damon Hughes. The man who destroyed her family.

Lucas Kane of Kane Enterprises was kidnapped in No Chance and was given the chance to escape by McKenna. Something about her caught his eye. And his heart. Now, he’ll do whatever is necessary to find her again. A billionaire’s son, Lucas has some very hidden depths. Philip Kane was Lucas’ father. A man always searching to replace his beloved wife. Stanley Humphries is/was his father’s friend and employee. Now, he’s Lucas’ problem. Lucas met Jared Livingston when they both worked for IDC, now Jared is Lucas’ main investigator. Conrad is Lucas’ butler and very much approves.

Noah McCall was one of the men who started up Last Chance Rescue. Now, he’s married to Samara Lyons (Return to Me, 2) who handles the counseling for their operatives and they have a son, Micah. Dylan Savage and Aidan are LCR employees and Raphael wants to work for them.

Jamie Kendrick just happens to look a lot like McKenna. A resemblance that is both a curse and a blessing. Special Agent Honor Stone (Second Chance) gets a mention.

Victor Lymes used to have a thriving business buying and selling the people he kidnapped until McKenna.

Damon Hughes is a predator. He delights in schooling a woman to obey his slightest whim. But, he only does it to make her happy. Yeah, right… All the success he’s had has all been for McKenna and one day she’ll be back in his arms where she belongs gag. Margret is his housekeeper and deeply in love with him. She’ll do anything for him. Anything. Elliott and Simon have been with him for years. Carlos Ortez is an investigator Damon employs strictly to find McKenna. Lilly is another of Damon’s captives, damaged almost beyond belief, and a willing source.

The Cover and Title

It’s a pretty cover with the top fourth a solid purple with the author’s name in white. The remaining three-fourths is a gradient moving from orange to yellow affecting the image of Lucas as he bends over McKenna, caressing her arm, kissing her shoulder even as she tilts back and turns her head to kiss him along his jaw.

The title is all about Last Chances for McKenna to resolve her past and Lucas to win the woman he loves.