Book Review: Christy Reece’s Second Chance

Posted June 30, 2012 by Kathy Davie in

by Kathy Davie

Second Chance (Last Chance Rescue, #5)Second Chance by Christy Reece
Series: Last Chance Rescue, 5
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fifth in the Last Chance Rescue romantic suspense series revolving around the damaged psyches of the agents of LCR. The couple focus is on Cole Mathison and Keeley Fairchild in Fairview, South Carolina, the town founded by Stephen Fairchild’s great-grandfather.

My Take
Hoo, boy. This one is full of strife, drama, and tension. Reece does an amazing job of keeping you guessing until the end…with a lot of surprises at the end.

Elizabeth is a piece of work. For all her power and money, she is so insecure and VICIOUS. She can’t even tell the difference between her grandchildren. I do love that Cole despises her and manipulates her like crazy!

Reece makes me crazy…all these hints, all the possibilities, and I just knew who it had to be. And I couldn’t be more wrong. The person setting this all up is so incredibly vicious… I’m in awe of Reece being able to create a character like this.

The Story
There is someone in the town of Fairview who really, and I mean really, hates and despises Keeley Fairchild. This person will stop at nothing to destroy her including the kidnapping of Keeley’s two daughters and then selling them on the black market.

It’s been a month since the girls were kidnapped and Cole is furious that Noah didn’t put him on the case immediately. He owes Keeley. He owes her big after what his actions cost her.

Determined to find Hannah and Hailey and discover who hates Keeley so much, Cole quarters the town, talking to as many people as he can find to learn what he can. What he learns is downright depressing. So few who believe in Keeley. Too many who adhere to Elizabeth’s party line.

The Characters
Last Chance Rescue is an organization that specializes in rescuing people upon whom everyone else has given up.

Keeley Fairchild is the widow of the philandering Stephen who was murdered after Keeley paid the ransom demanded by Donald Rosemount. Their two daughters are fraternal twins—sweet little, dark-haired Hannah and Hailey, the little blonde daredevil. Jenna Banks is Keeley’s best friend; she was practically raised by Keeley’s mama, Kathleen Daniels.

Elizabeth Fairchild is Stephen’s insensitive, arrogant mother and the self-proclaimed queen bee of Fairview. It does help that she owns most of the businesses in town and has the police in her pocket. She uses this fact to force the townspeople to treat Keeley like a leper. She has despised Keeley from the moment of her existence and views her as staining the gleaming, precious name of Fairchild. Miranda Fairchild is Stephen’s sister and befriended Keeley years ago. She has a young daughter, Maggie.

Cole Mathison‘s actions in Run to Me leave him feeling responsible for Keeley Fairchild and her children. Honor Stone is the FBI agent assigned to the case; she and Cole had a brief affair which he doesn’t remember.

Noah McCall is Cole’s boss at LCR and not sure if Cole should participate in this mission. Besides Eden and Jordan Montgomery (Rescue Me) are already on the job. The pregnant Shea and Ethan Bishop (Run to Me) arrive to replace Eden and Jordan. Dylan and McKenna, a.k.a., Ghost, help in Thailand.

Cindy Brackett is an older woman who owns the children’s clothing store in town. Wesley Tuttle is scum…and rather proud of it. He’s had his eye on Keeley since high school and this is a very welcome opportunity. Bobby and Ava bought one of the girls. Sheriff Hiram Mobley practically licks Elizabeth’s boots.

The Cover
The cover has a band of textured red showcasing the author’s name with the bottom three-quarters a tint of blue over a prone couple kissing. The red from the band is repeated in the title.

The title refers to Cole’s Second Chance at life, at happiness, with Keeley.