Book Review: Christy Reece’s Sweet Justice

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Book Review: Christy Reece’s Sweet Justice

Sweet Justice

on September 6, 2011 and has 369 pages.

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Seventh in the Last Chance Rescue romantic suspense series. The couple focus is on Honor Stone and Seth Cavanaugh.

In 2012, Sweet Justice won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Best Single Title Romantic Suspense.

My Take

This is just sick. The romance angle was sweet, but the religious end was just disgusting.

What jerks! Seth’s family suddenly needs his “sleazy” contacts, so now they’re willing to talk to him? Sure, I can understand their anger, but look at what he accomplished. They should be considering what he’s had to go through as well. It wasn’t easy for him then. Or now.

I do like Honor standing up to Seth. He wants back into her life in a big way and she is just not having it.

Parents, Reece has provided a clever ruse to entice the girls who have gone missing. Heck, I’d’a fallen for it because I was taught to be polite and help people. Read this if only to have another example to use to keep your kids safe!

Keep after your kids about strangers. No matter how sweet and innocent they may look!

The Story

It’s five years later and Cavanaugh has resigned himself to fishing, swimming, and diving, until he gets that terrified call.

No longer possessing the drive to work with child protection in the FBI, Honor shifts over to Last Chance Rescue where she meets up with the man who jilted her five years ago — Seth Cavanaugh whose niece has disappeared from college.

And it seems Kelli isn’t the only college girl who’s disappeared.

The Characters

Honor Stone is an FBI agent who made the switch to Last Chance Rescue. Nick is her protective marine brother; Beverly Stone, her mother, is a stoic former army nurse who worries. Her dad was an air force pilot.

Seth Cavanaugh jilted Honor five years ago when his undercover role got in the way. Ruth is his mother. Sandra is his oldest sister — by twelve years, and there are five more brothers and two more sisters including Patty and JoelKelli is Joel’s daughter. When he can finally tell ’em the truth, it’s not enough.

Greg Wallace is a cop and was Seth’s friend. Dudley George is Honor’s boss and he hates Seth. Bill Keaton knows about his undercover role. Lawrence Atmore is the supervisory special agent in Houston.

LCR operatives include Aidan Thorne, who keeps kicking butt; Noah McCall, who started up LCR (Sandra‘s pregnant again); Jared Livingston (it’s Missy Mead‘s welfare that has his blood boiling); and, Julie Rose, Andrea Johnston, Jordan Montgomery (he and Eden have adopted a Thai boy), and Gabe Maddox (he’s building a house in Tennessee) join them.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford are more concerned with their hatred for each other than their missing daughter, Anna. A strong, independent girl.

Hector Clemmons is a major league bad guy. The man Seth is accused of killing had been on Clemmons’ payroll.

Alden Pike is a sick, sadistic, delusional psychopath who created a religion that allows him to do as he pleases. What’s scarier is the number of people he got to go along with him. He certainly has a “useful” approach to divorce. Tabitha is his sadistic bitch of a daughter following right along in daddy’s footsteps. In every sense. His son, John, is another kettle of fish. Entitled and spoiled, he learns his lesson too late. Ben Hamilton has been given the brainwashed Lucy. Harbin Meeks intends to bid for Anna. Royce wants Missy. Brother Baker‘s last wife died in childbirth.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a walk on the beach with a well-built Seth wearing jeans and a tight-fitting T as he contemplates his current life.

I’m not sure who the title refers to — breaking up Tranquility or the Sweet Justice that comes for Honor.