Book Review: Christy Reece’s Sweet Revenge

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Book Review: Christy Reece’s Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

on October 4, 2011 and has 386 pages.

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Eighth in the Last Chance Rescue series. The couple focus is on Jamie Kendrick and Dylan Savage.

My Take

This one had my heart in my mouth a few times!

The prologue provides a review of events in Last Chance, so we fully understand why this revenge is so sweet.

This particular story is just another reason why I think parents should be licensed. Talk about perpetuating the cycle!

It’s a double obstacle course for Jamie. Dylan expects her to accomplish near-impossible physical requirements. But Jamie is determined to pass the LCR requirements and get Dylan into her bed. It’s a tough one. Dylan wants her able and confident, but in a normal life. NOT as an LCR operative in any way.

I get rather irritated with these heroes/heroines who think they’re not good enough for someone simply because their parent(s) were jerks. They’re usually intelligent people, so I’d be very surprised if they hadn’t heard of nature versus nurture, and they never take into account their own actions as adults. Although, once you do hear Dylan’s family story, you can’t help but cry to realize the guilt that poor boy has carried for so long.

Ooh, that’s a nasty little twist Reece puts in when Bruno has to talk to Karen just before the fights. You almost want him to win.

Nasty little surprise at the end.

The Story

It’s a beautiful start with McKenna finally marrying Lucas Kane (read their encounters in No Chance and Last Chance).

It’s Jamie’s desire for revenge after the wedding that sets the ball in motion. Noah and Dylan are determined to train her so hard that she drops her idea. Only, they don’t know Jamie very well.

And one betrayal deserves another.

The Characters

The very stubborn and resourceful Jamie Kendrick is recovering from her kidnapping in Last Chance. An ordeal made easier by her sister, McKenna Sloan, who is marrying Lucas Kane. Jared Livingston is Lucas’ best man. Conrad is Lucas’ butler and also standing up for Lucas at the wedding.

Dylan Savage was one of the LCR operatives on the Kendrick rescue mission. And as much as he tries to stay away from Jamie, he can’t. John Wheeler is an alias he uses to insinuate himself into Reddington’s circle.

Noah McCall is the head of Last Chance Rescue; he’s married to Samara, and they have a son, Micah. He walks McKenna down the aisle. Other wedding guests/LCR operatives include Gabe Maddox with his wife, Skylar James; Shea and Ethan Bishop; Cole and Keeley Mathison with their twin daughters, Hannah and Hailey; Eden and Jordan Montgomery with Paulo, their newly adopted little boy; Aidan Thorne; and, Angela.

Raphael Sanchez keeps showing up in LCR. First when he helped Cole escape (Run to Me) and again when he got word to LCR about Jamie (Last Chance). But now he’s safely tucked away with a full scholarship to a university in the U.S.

Stanford Reddington is one of the über-wealthy and gained mostly on the backs of the women and children he’s had kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. He’s a completely disgusting pervert who holds his family incommunicado on his island. Sarah is his compliant wife of twenty-four years, and they have four children: Lancelot who is being groomed to enter his father’s business—and pleasures; Giselle for whom Stanford has already picked the husband he wants for her; Amelia is much in need of a new teacher; and, Eric is the youngest.

Armando is Reddington’s right hand. So far. Armando and Reddington have some interesting job testing techniques. Bruno is one of the bodyguards. With an interest in Mrs. Jennings. Joseph is in charge on the island.

Karen Jennings is the new teacher Mrs. Reddington has hired for her daughter. She doesn’t know it, but her job is permanent.

The Cover and Title

The cover is pinks and oranges casting a glow from the sun setting behind the point of land, and a shirtless Dylan leaning up against the trunk of a palm tree.

The title is indeed about a Sweet Revenge when wrongs can be prevented and paid back.