Book Review: Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Cowboys Like Us

Posted December 5, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Cowboys Like Us

Cowboys Like Us


Vicki Lewis Thompson

It is part of the Sons of Chance #6, series and is a contemporary romance that was published by Harlequin Blaze on July 19, 2011 and has 182 pages.

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Other books in this series include Rolling Like Thunder

Other books by this author which I have reviewed include A Last Chance Christmas, Rolling Like Thunder, Should've Been a Cowboy, Notorious

Sixth in the Sons of Chance western romance series and revolving around the Chance family and their friends. The couple focus is on Logan Carswell and Caro Davis.

The other 256 pages in Cowboys Like Us includes Notorious, Branscom Sisters 2.

My Take

It’s an intriguing collection of conflicts, major and minor, in Cowboys Like Us with Logan’s depression over his too-short career and Caro resigned to no spare time for herself. That’s their personal lives. Thompson adds in Josie’s concern for Caro’s heart, Logan’s worries over the town’s perception of him and Caro, and Pete’s proposal to the Chances and his offer to Logan. An offer that Logan battles with in his mind.

Yeah, Thompson does throw in the if-only-he-could-be-mine-but-I’m-too-self-sacrificing trope, but it isn’t as irritating as it could be.

That Logan is a guy with many talents: shakin’ cocktails, woodworking, baseball, empathy, and makin’ love.

We get that hint of ghosts at the bar.

It’s both fun and frustrating that Thompson gives us our Happily Ever After without really finishing it out, as Logan still isn’t sure exactly what he’s going to do.

Pete’s idea spurs Caro on and provides her grandmother with a meaning for her life. And I’m not ashamed to say I’m using that idea on my mom. I’m actually quite excited that Mom is getting onboard with it.

It’s typical of Thompson’s writing (and the Sons of Chance series) that the characters are all so caring and reasonably perceptive, lol. I cracked up when Jack “suggested” to Logan that the shades need special attention and that the table isn’t as sturdy as it looks.

“Jack nodded toward the rope. ‘Not bad for a greenhorn.’

‘Thanks. The post tried like hell to get away, but I was faster.'”

The Story

Logan Carswell has just kissed his professional baseball career goodbye. Goodbye dreams, career, and future. For now though, he’s working at the Last Chance Ranch and the town saloon, where sexy bartender Caro Davis is definitely taking his mind off his troubles…

Caro’s days have been so hectic, she’s forgotten all about the finer aspects of life. Like men. And sex. And really smokin’-hot sex with men like Logan. But when their two worlds collide — and boy, do they ever collide — they both realize that once the gear is off, a cowboy is still a cowboy!

The Characters

Caro Davis bartends for Josie at the Spirits & Spurs, and in her off hours, she visits her grandmother, Bonnie, at Pine Grove, the assisted living home in Jackson.

Logan Carswell is suddenly a former catcher for the Chicago Cubs and will always be Josie Chance’s older brother. Derek is his agent.

The Last Chance Ranch is…
…outside Shoshone, Wyoming with a third generation of Chances. Sarah Chance is the widowed matriarch; Jonathan died two years ago. Alex Keller, the new marketing director, is getting married to Tyler. Josie is married to Jack Chance (Diana‘s son), the oldest brother in this third generation. Grandma Judy lives in town and bemoans her empty guest room. Morgan is Gabe Chance‘s wife (Sarah is Gabe’s birth mother). Nick Chance (his mother, Nicole, was a free spirit) and Dominique got married in a double ceremony with Josie and Jack back in October.

Mary Lou is the Chance cook who’s “stepping out” with Watkins. Emmett Sterling is the ranch foreman. Emmett’s daughter, Emily, is renting a room from the Chances; she’ll be marrying Clay Whittaker before next summer. Butch and Sundance are the ranch dogs. Destiny is the horse Logan will ride while Caro will ride Cookies and Cream.

Wyatt, a wilderness guide, and Rafe Locke are fraternal twins; their father is Harlan Locke and Diana was their mother. Wyatt shows up to meet his half-brother Jack.

Shoshone is…
…the small town ten miles from the ranch. Josie’s bar, Spirits & Spurs, is located there. Tracy and Steve are more of Josie’s employees. Elmer Crookshanks has a gas station there, and people suspect he’s rigged the traffic lights.

Peter Beckett is a potential buyer AND he has a proposal for the Chances. One that will bring new life to a great number of people.

The Cover and Title

The cover is dark browns against a stormy gray sky with Logan in battered jeans and a brown leather jacket open over his bare chest, a kerchief around his neck, and wearing a straw cowboy hat. His head is tilted down as he looks over the saddle he’s gripping.

I think the title refers to how easily Logan picks up them cowboy ways, as he quickly fits right in with Cowboys Like Us.