Victoria Laurie, What’s a Ghoul to Do?

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What's a Ghoul to Do? (Ghost Hunter Mystery, #1)What’s a Ghoul to Do? by Victoria Laurie
Series: Ghost Hunter, 1
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

What is with this title? There are no ghouls in this story at all? Wait. I know. At the printer’s, they threw the wrong cover on the wrong story… Unless…this is part of the hokiness and “ghoul” is supposed to be cute for “girl”?

Anyway, it’s the first in the Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series.

The Story
This is cute. Ghostbusters ‘R Us. A psychic partners up with her childhood playmate: she sends ghosts on to their eternal reward and he handles the business end including the computer hacking.

My Take
Again. Cute. It’s a low-key, smooth ride with very little tension. Part of which may be due to the author’s intentionally?? unintentionally?? hoking up the story. I can’t decide if I enjoyed the misnomers or if it was irritating for someone as intelligent as Steven to be using them. For his achievements, I wouldn’t have thought he’d be so in need of seeming hip.

Considering the number of times and the strength of the tugs M.J. felt, why does she feel this need to set up all this claptrap?? Is it so she or the client feels they’re getting their money’s worth?

I adore Doc—he’s the best character in the story! I can definitely see him taking on a bigger role in this series. I did enjoy Gil’s method for ridding the house of his lover, oh lord! Too funny. I can’t believe he gets repeats??!

The end had some weird bits to it. Why would it be necessary for M.J. to make a run for it to make a phone call? She’s got a cellphone. Then the accident at the end…hokey… What was the point?

The Cover
Okay, it’s definitely the wrong cover for the story. M.J. is not a fashion-conscious woman although I did like the cutesy round handbag with the cartoon ghost on it.

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