Book Review: J.D. Robb’s Celebrity in Death

Posted April 10, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: J.D. Robb’s Celebrity in Death

Celebrity in Death


J.D. Robb

romantic suspense in eBook edition that was published by Piatkus Books on February 21, 2012 and has 384 pages.

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Thirty-fourth in the In Death futuristic romantic suspense series revolving around Eve Dallas and Roarke…yum… This one is about the Icove case being made into a movie.

My Take

It was good. I also think of it as a bridge novel in that it carries on from Nadine having written the true crime book about the Icove case (see Origin in Death and we are in on the shenanigans behind filming the movie. We still have its world premiere coming up — hence my designation as a bridge.

Could be the kiss of death — I sure hope it ain’t! — but Eve is getting mighty comfy with Roarke buying all those yummmy dresses, boots, clothes, etc., for her. It’s sweet and about time even if it does take some of the edge out of their interaction. I do enjoy how they tease each other. Even her nightmares are calming down more. It was pretty funny how icked-out Eve was with seeing “herself” playing a detective, though!

Eve’s investigation provides a backstage peek at the sniping, bickering, and manipulations on a movie set. There’s not so much of the glamorous side in this so much as a look at the real people behind the masks with their weaknesses and true emotions. And the actors discover just how down and dirty a cop will get to dig up the truth.

And McNab pops a question…

The Story

It’s a dinner party where the book’s main characters meet the actors playing them for the film. It’s bittersweet as some of the movie people just rub people the wrong way. One goes just a bit too far and ends up dead.

The possibilities are almost endless for this victim has made it a mission in life to hurt, humiliate, and destroy wherever possible. Even Peabody wants this actor alive again just so she can have a punch up!

The Characters

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a kick-ass police officer in New York City in 2060. She can’t be bought and she always gets her man. The bad guy always gets caught and sent to jail. The good guy, she gets to go home to. Roarke — no last name — is, in Eve’s words, “an Irish gazillionaire” who gets her. He knows just what kind of “because” present to buy his wife. He knows how to soothe her through her nightmares. And she’s the one woman this man wants just as he is the only one for her.

Detective Delia Peabody is her partner. She-body is from a New Ager background and makes a softer counterpart to the hard-edged Dallas. Roarke brought back a gift for her from their trip to Dallas (see New York to Dallas) and Peabody has decided it is now her signature — you can imagine how excited that makes Dallas, LOL. Peabody’s life partner is the brighter-than-life Ian McNab, an E detective and a whiz on the computer.

Nadine Furst is a TV personality who wrote a bestselling book on the Icove case; now she’s doing the screenplay for the movie. She’s also good friends with Dallas and Peabody. Kyung Beaverton is the latest in a long line of media liaisons with whom Eve has worked. He seems to have gotten it right as Eve lets Roarke know “he’s not an asshole”.

The movie people include…
…The strong-willed, dominating Mason Roundtree is the director; Connie Burkette, is his peacemaking wife; Marlo Durn is playing Eve in the movie and seems to have really done her homework about Eve while the bitchy K.T. Harris is playing Peabody; the unassuming Preston Stykes is the assistant director; the sweet Matthew Zank is playing McNab; Mavis is playing herself while potty mouth Andrea Smythe is playing Doctor Mira; Julian Cross plays Roarke and never met a woman he didn’t want to tup; and, Joel Steinburger is the very successful producer with the ever-obsequious Valerie Xaviar in charge of publicity.

A.A. Asner is the private detective who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Barbie is his dippy, but sweet secretary. Robert Willoughby is an attorney and Asner’s neighbor. I suspect we may be seeing more of him. Brice Van Horn is K.T.’s brother and he couldn’t be more day to her night.

There is very little of Feeney, Whitney, Dr. Mira, Dr. Morris, Summerset, Mavis, Leonardo, and Bella and almost nothing of Trina or Dallas’ men.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a bit confusing with its middle strip of diamondplate overshadowing the very busy bottom collage of fishnet, a clapboard, a length of leopard print and handcuffs while the almost two-thirds top strip is a royal blue. Somehow, I just never equated diamondplate with Hollywood…

The title is too true for it is a Celebrity in Death in this installment.