Book Review: Cat Adams’ Blood Song

Posted June 6, 2012 by Kathy Davie in

by Kathy Davie

Blood Song (Blood Singer, #1)Blood Song by Cat Adams
Series: Blood Singer, 1
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First in the Blood Singer urban fantasy series revolving around Celia Graves, a personal security specialist in Southern California.

My Take
Well this was different! Talk about drama and tension. Thank you, lord, for not making Graves a whinging, drama queen! Instead, she’s kick ass with compassion with an unusual living arrangement, an independent consultant with her own security business, a range of also-unusual friends, and the “required” dysfunctional family.

While Graves gets on well with the police, she has serious issues with other authority figures—and Adams has provided a very different take on vampire life and a peek into werewolves, psychics, and more.

I certainly have enjoyed her relationships with her dead friends! Having your dead friend attend her own wake…she was a crack up.

I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to read Siren Song…I just gotta know what happens with her snotty cousin!

The Story
An attack on the prince changes Celia’s life forever. Thank god for friends like Emma and Kevin. It’s due to their quick thinking that Celia is even alive to follow up the clues about the attack. Clues that make no sense. That seem to add up to a massive plot

Meanwhile, Celia is threatened right and left by “well-meaning” authorities, but she’s determined that she will be able to control herself for she knows that entering a facility until “they” determine she’s safe is more likely to be a one-way trip. Nor does the pressure stop as the plotting continues with the intention of getting Celia put away.

The Characters
Celia Graves is human, she thinks, and doing good work as a personal security consultant. Ivy is her ghostly sister while her mother Lana Graves is a drunken betrayer of the first order. Dawna Long is the receptionist/secretary for Celia’s building which she shares with Ronald, a real jerk of a lawyer, and Bubba, a bond bondsman. David and Inez are the caretakers at Vickie’s estate where Celia lives in a guesthouse. Princess Adriana Kalino is a siren and a relative on Granddad’s side. She’s also self-absorbed and quite rude.

Bruno DeLuca is a mage and was the love of Celia’s life back in college. He’s appointed himself her bodyguard for the duration. His brother is Father Matteo DeLuca, a militant priest determined to end all types of demons.

Vicki Cooper is a clairvoyant who lives at a very high-end “treatment” facility where she needs its shielding and protective atmosphere to safeguard the world from her powers; Alex, a police detective, is her girlfriend. Cassandra Meadows and Jason Cooper are her parents, movie stars both. They stashed Vicki away at Birchwoods and hired a stand-in to play Vicki; god forbid the public should learn about Vicki’s…disability. They have never visited her, leaving that little chore to her true friends. John Creede is one of their bodyguards and “said to be the real power” in his company. He also seems interested in Celia.

Detective Karl Gibson is in charge of investigating and convinces Celia to be hypnotized in an attempt to recall the missing hours. Dorothy Simmons is a retired hypnotist who will need to disappear. Roberto Santos is the senior attorney in criminal defense for the law firm Vicki used. Special Agents Erikson (he’s with the bad guys) and Rizzolli are feds interested in the case since it impacted a foreign national. Seems King Dahlmar of Rusland is also “after” Celia. Kristoff is his younger, more impressionable son. Prince Rezza of Rusland is having a last fling before marriage and with his country’s new rise to prosperity, his security is of great importance to his father. Bob Johnson is the security consultant who taught Celia the ropes.

Emma and Kevin Landingham with their father Warren are involved in their father’s research to varying extents. John Jones is a colleague of Kevin’s from the old days. The alphabet agency days. Dr. Scott is in charge of Birchwoods. Dr. Evelyn Greene is a psychiatrist Scott recommends Celia see if she wants to stay out of custody. A doctor with alternative motives who pressures and pressures Celia.

Edgar is a vampire who is being plotted against and he has a message for Kevin of plans within plans. His two associates are much less pleasant. Particularly Lilith and her murderous tendencies.

The Cover
The cover is all Celia Graves. Her face from golden, glowing eyes to red lips fills the front.

The best I can imagine as to why this title is that the need for blood is like a Blood Song for the body.