Book Review: Cat Adams’ Siren Song

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by Kathy Davie

Siren Song (Blood Singer, #2)Siren Song by Cat Adams
Series: Blood Singer, 2
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second in the Blood Singer urban fantasy series about Celia Graves, a bodyguard whose life has been turned inside out and upside down.

My Take
Whoa…this is a hard crowd! Adams certainly has a unique take on how vampires are considered in her world. Celia and Dr. Scott are kidnapped and she acts in self-defense saving both of their lives and all the prosecutor has to say is that if she ever “sets so much as a toe out of line, we will prosecute”? What about the cops who ignored what was happening? What about the harassment?

What a bunch of jerks! Celia has done nothing but be plotted against and attacked. Meanwhile, everyone who doesn’t know her is way too quick to blame her. Even when they know that even the police are planning to hurt her, to jam her up. Nor are they particularly inclined to help her to prevent problems for others.

What is with the sirens?? They’re miffed because Celia doesn’t know their protocol. They’re angry because she doesn’t respond to their messages. So, a) who’s to blame for her not knowing anything about sirens, b) how can Celia be expected to know about a protocol for a species she wasn’t aware of, and, c) how can she respond to messages she doesn’t receive. I repeat, what are these sirens thinking??

Oh, I love this T-shirt saying: “Don’t get even…get odd”.

Well, that’s just a bit too easy. The way in which Adams ties it all up. A very few people have been extremely busy. That said, I’m dying to get started on Demon Song.

The Story
Kidnapped. Supposedly being conveyed to Birchwoods, instead someone is hauling Celia and Dr. Scott somewhere else. And it doesn’t take much to consider where many would prefer to see a part-vampire bodyguard. Thank god for the friends Celia does have. Especially Vicki…the only bright spot in Celia’s current “stay” at Birchwoods while the powers-that-be determine her eventual fate. Doesn’t seem quite fair to judge someone for what they might do. Especially when all the evidence shows she’s been trying to do her best.

Then there’s the challenge Princess Adriana laid on Celia in Blood Song which leads to the unexpected meeting Celia has with Ren. A very delighted Ren who is pleased to be able to make trouble for Adriana as well as a gift that has some pretty nasty results.

Nor do the challenges stop: there’s Vicki’s will reading, the challenge from Princess Adriana, Celia’s own trial, the death curse someone laid on Celia about which she wants to speak with Professor Landingham, the secretarial dearth at the office, Creede wanting to open his new office in Celia’s building (!), assassination attempts, Vicki’s hiring of Celia and Creede from beyond the grave to discover why Mr. Murphy is necessary, the vicious vibe spiraling off the other siren queens, hopefully restoring Dahlmar to his throne…

Oh, mama! Looks like Celia’s hearing will be a piece of cake with all this going on!

The Characters
Celia Graves is still trying to wrap her head around being part vampire, part siren, and still human while working as a personal security consultant. Ivy is her ghostly sister while her mother Lana Graves is a drunken betrayer of the first order while Gran is Lana’s biggest enabler. Dawna Long is/was/is the receptionist/secretary for Celia’s building which she shares with Ronald, a real jerk of a lawyer, and Bubba, a bond bondsman who is more than happy to sail to the Isle of Serenity for Celia to meet the siren side of the family. Dawna is still traumatized by events in Blood Song and feels especially guilty about the information she dropped. David and Inez are the caretakers at Vickie’s estate where Celia lives in a guesthouse.

Vicki Cooper is a dead clairvoyant who still has some issues to resolve before she continues on; Detective Heather Alexander, a police detective, was her girlfriend. Cassandra Meadows and Jason Cooper are Vicki’s parents, movie stars both. Cassandra hates Celia with a passion while Jason seems to be more reasonable. Sybil Jones was the woman Vicki’s parents had hired to impersonate her in public; just too embarrassing for their friends to learn the truth about their “beloved” daughter. I think Sybil loved Vicki more than her parents did; that mother is certainly a cheap bitch! John Creede is one of their bodyguards and a principal power in Miller and Creede—until George Miller has thoughts otherwise. A decision Miller thinks is practical enough to cover the cost of that binding oath he agreed to when he and Creede first set up shop. Creede also seems interested in Celia.

Bruno DeLuca is a mage and former love of Celia’s life. Now he’s back in Celia’s…oops, wait a minute…Irene. His brother is Father Matteo DeLuca, a militant priest determined to end all types of demons, but Celia has impressed him and he’ll do what he can to help her.

Of the siren side of the family:
Well, it turns out that Celia’s gread-grandfather was brother to the siren queen, High Queen Lopaka, and Celia is of the Pacific royal line. Princess Eirene “Ren” Medusi of the Aegean royal line slides into Celia’s room and seems to damn her with faint praise. Queen Stefania is Ren’s mother. Princess Adriana Kalino is a siren and a relative on Granddad’s side. While she is incredibly self-absorbed and rude, it does seem that there are some extenuating circumstances. Hiwahiwa is Queen Lopaka’s aide. Okalani has a pretty major power. Helen Baker is in charge of Princess Celia’s bodyguard detail. Baker’s mother, Pili, takes Celia back into the past to learn more about her death curse.

Dorothy “Dottie” Simmons is a retired hypnotist who could use some part-time work and still expects Celia to make good on her promise to take Minnie; filling in at Celia’s office seems just the thing.

Security and law enforcement intent on framing Celia includes:
Gerry is one of the head guards at Birchwood. Dr. Greene was the therapist who drugged and set Celia up for murder. Officer Clarke is just one of a group of cops who harass Celia.

Ivan Stefanovich is chief of security for King Dahlmar of Rusland who is very grateful to Celia for all her help and he pulls all the strings he can to help her out even though he’s on the run from a coup Prince Kristoff staged.

Professor Warren Landingham specializes in all things paranormal and teaches at a local university. Emma Landingham is the professor’s daughter and has just accepted a job with Irene Seacrest with Seacrest Artifacts on the East coast. Her brother Kevin is a werewolf and formerly with the CIA.

Professor Aaron Sloan has in-depth knowledge about Wadjeti. Dr. Jeff Scott is in charge of Birchwoods. Dr. Ann Hubbard is Celia’s new therapist. Roberto Santos is the Celia’s criminal defense attorney. Barney Arons is the estate attorney who is in charge of the reading of
Vicki’s will. You’ll love his responses to Cassandra. Mr. Murphy is a surprise recipient.

The Cover
The cover is almost all black with a pixelated partial profile of Celia’s face with just a hint of her fangs, her left hand curled up by her cheek. Nice use of shadows to create menace.

The title accurately reflects the Siren Song Celia’s relatives attempt to play.