Book Review: Linda Wisdom’s Hex in High Heels

Posted June 20, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

Book Review: Linda Wisdom’s Hex in High Heels

Hex in High Heels


Linda Wisdom

It is part of the , series and is a paranormal romance that was published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on 2009 and has 325 pages.

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Fourth in the Jazz Tremaine paranormal romance series revolving around a group of witches expelled from school back in 1313. No, it’s not military time…

My Take

Oooh, boy…we get the whole background on Jake this time around. And it’s more than I would have bargained for. I do like Blair’s approach when mommie dearest asked for a spell.

It’s a tricky courtship with Jake wanting to avoid all talk about his former pack and believing that magickal species just can’t mix. Doubts like these are what make Blair push all the harder. Then there’s the Pack itself. They’re much too big for their britches, thinking they can take what they want. Hah.

Crack me up! I do love Fluff and Puff. Blair’s threat about what she’ll do to them, if they show their notes to Horace or Felix, has them tearing paper up like mad!

The Story

It’s Blair who first meets Jake’s mother. Seems she wants a revenge spell for a son who done her wrong. It’s while Blair is on her first date ever with Jake that she “misses a bullet” when she doesn’t quash Agnes’ desire for elves.

The RV that shows up is so not what Agnes had in mind for the Winter Carnival, but its elves quickly become an amazing project with Agnes at the helm! At least it’s a bit of comic relief compared to the threats and violence from Roan Thorpe. He has no intention of limiting himself to the resort’s acreage. He wants Blair and Stasi’s land as well and will stop at nothing to get it.

The Characters

Blair Fitzpatrick‘s shop, Blast From the Past, specializes in “authentic retro items” — stuff that she or her sister witches have decided they no longer want.

Jake Harrison is the town handyman and a Were border collie. He’s interested in Blair but only ever gets in her bed as a dog and I don’t mean a hound…!

Stasi Romanov is a very happy witch with a lingerie shop, Isn’t It Romantic, right next door to Blair’s. She’s also happily hooked up with Trevor Barnes, a law wizard she met in Wicked by Any Other Name, The girls’ shops are side by side and they live above them. Horace is their eight-inch, peeping tom gargoyle. Jazz Tremaine, Irma, and Sirius drive up to the lake with Fluff and Puff. They refuse to be left behind although once they hear about the vacation Nick has planned… Thea is a romance author and Maggie is a mercenary and both manage to make it for the solstice ceremony. Ebenezer handles their financial affairs and the land.

Croc and Delilah have moved in with Mindy. Krebs, Jazz’s housemate, just can’t take their sneak attacks anymore. Professor Phinneas Peggins is the con artist medicine man with whom Blair and Stasi first arrived in Moonstone Lake and he hooks up with Irma. They could make a good pair of spies.

Eurydice is on the Witches’ Council and was one of the witches who banished those naughty witches all those centuries ago.

Inhabitants of Moonstone Lake include:
Mrs. Benedict makes the most incredible baked goods and is being quite naughty with Mr. Chalmers. Floyd Pierce is the mayor, but it’s his wife, Agnes, who really runs everything. And everybody. With help from Marva. Ginny Chao runs the Sit ‘N Eat Café, but has run into boyfriend problems with Dave. Grady runs the local barbecue pit. Just reading about it, makes me hungry! Hetty Lancaster runs the town’s upscale candy store, and Blair does her bit to reduce child abuse by her ex-husband.

The very controlling Agnes has hired elves through Mickey Boggs at Roan’s suggestion. Never a good idea. The elves he sends are, technically, elves, but they’re also the biggest bunch of perverts — running naked, blaring their music, and pissing everywhere. Alberic is the leader and the group is not enhanced with the green-teethed Elrohir‘s presence.

Seems the new owner of Snow Farms Resort is Jake’s brother, Roan Thorpe, the new alpha of this splintered pack. Vera is the Pack Alpha female, concerned with what is best for Vera. And Roan and Jake’s mother. A bitch in every possible sense. Baxter is the Pack Alpha. Suzanne was the Alpha’s mate and always wanted what was best for the pack. Jennifer Santiago was Jake’s intended before he left the Pack. Mr. Nice Guy is so not in their vocabulary.

The Cover and Title

The cover is PINK and represents Blair’s shop, Blast From the Past. Including Fritz the Kit-Kat clock. Blair herself is all decked out in her sexy purple date-night dress, her fuck-me pumps, and her Fluff and Puff tattoo as she relaxes atop a purple bureau. A golden skeleton key and a pointy witch’s hat completes the setting.

The title is oh-so-Blair when she gets dressed up for her date. She is definitely Hex in High Heels.