Book Review: Linda Wisdom’s Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend

Posted January 9, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Linda Wisdom’s Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend

Demons are a Girl's Best Friend


Linda Wisdom

It is part of the , series and is a paranormal romance that was published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on April 5, 2011 and has 354 pages.

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First in the Demons Fifth in the Jazz Tremaine (a.k.a., Hex) paranormal romance revolving around a group of witches, demons, and other paranormals who kick ass. The couple focus here is on Maggie O’Malley and Declan.

It’s also been published under the title, Best Hex Ever as a spin-off from her Jazz Tremaine / Hex series. (Turns out her publisher simply wanted a new look and not a new series.)

My Take

This story does not fit within the humor of the previous Jazz Tremaine stories. In fact, I kept checking the cover,, and Wisdom’s own site to check! It’s still an interesting story. Just not what I was expecting.

Well, duh, I just learned it’s because it’s the start of a new series…

It’s a twist to read of a demon with a heart. I’m reading one sentence that explains how Declan can level a city and how he lights a cigar with a finger, and the next he’s sighing about wanting something more from his life. Who knew? A domestic demon. Then there’s that spell Maggie puts on Courtney…Crack. Me. Up.

YES! I love how Maggie twisted it around for that jerk of a school principal trying to laying off the blame on Courtney! Talk about a double standard! Arghh!! I hate bullies and I hate the people who support ’em.

Declan’s parting thought about his demon family: They only stand behind you if it protects them from being in the line of fire.”

No, it’s not a typical Jazz Tremaine-style story, but it is a fun, action-packed read and this new series starts with Maggie (from Jazz Tremaine) and Declan. Wisdom has a great cast of characters on both sides of this divide.

The Story

A routine arrest of a Bloater at Damnation Alley brings Maggie and Declan together. She’s resisting; he’s not. But it’s Mal’s insistence and Anna’s distress over the coming of The Destroyer that forces Maggie to work with the stunningly gorgeous Declan. And he’s not above using whatever he can conjure to woo her. Or to protect his sister.

Then they find out about Courtney — the intended sacrifice to allow a god of death and destruction into our world.

Well, that “sacrifice” is in the foster care system and it looks like Maggie just might be a long lost cousin.

The Characters

Margit “Maggie” O’Malley is a Special Ops witch; Elegance, a.k.a., Elle, is her lively black widow spider tattoo with her own powers. And her own search for a lover who can survive her. Team members include Frebus, a fur-covered blond with more hair than a Saint Bernard with teeth like steel knives; Meech is married to the pregnant Reesa; and, Tita is a vampire.

As members of the Hellion Guard, they can go anywhere and do anything. Sybil is an elf who excels at interrogation; Boris is her boss. Mal is her short, cigar-smokin’ boss who’s dating Brigid, a gnome. Kittan is one of their best researchers. Xera is a great healer, but has a terrible bedside manner with the mentally distraught. Shayla is another healer. Ravenna is a Seer. Zouk and his team go missing when they go after the demon rave; they’re among the best in the Guard. Ferrets are the Guard’s messengers and include Trickie who’s rootin’ for the New Orleans Cubs; Bickie who can’t stop talkin’; and, Zickie is white with a red beret.

Courtney Parker is a 15-year-old with some major personal issues. Of course, it doesn’t help that some demons want to sacrifice her to end what we know as the world. Aleta was Maggie’s baby sister and her death inspired Maggie’s career path. Mick Frasier is Courtney’s human-seeming boyfriend with a purpose. Troy Reynolds is one of Courtney’s classmates, and he seems to have picked up his social skills from his father.

Declan is half-fire demon and half-human with his human half predominating. He’s taken over the Damnation Alley from Ratchet, who disappeared. Snips is an imp and Declan’s personal assistant at the club. A club that also serves as a portal from Hell.Part of Declan’s job is to police anyone who travels through the portal. He’s got his own daddy-issues by the name of Victorio. Anna is Declan’s half-sister and a Seer; he’s trying to protect her from their father. Wreaker is Declan’s cousin and an incubus; he’s totally out for number one. He’s totally ticked that Declan got the club and he didn’t. Alexi is one of the portal guards; Anton is a bouncer.

Algar is an elf Sybil was hot after. Until Declan stepped in.

The Hellion Guard are “protectors for all creatures in this world and others”. Eurydice is the Head Witch of the Witches Academy.

The Cover and Title

The cover is cute with a disguised Maggie wearing a tremendously huge gun stuck in the back waistband of her teeny, black miniskirt, leather-trimmed bandeau top, and black tights. I liked the sparkles flowing off her snapping fingers! Maggie’s back is to us so as to provide a better view of Declan’s well-muscled chest as he leans back against the bar.

The title is a nod to Declan, one of those Demons [who] are a Girl’s Best Friend.