Book Review: Lorelei James’ Rough, Raw, and Ready

Posted April 24, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lorelei James’ Rough, Raw, and Ready

Rough, Raw and Ready


Lorelei James

erotica, romance that was published by Samhain Publishing on November 4, 2008 and has 280 pages.

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Fifth in the Rough Riders erotic Western romance series involving the McKays and their relatives. In this story, the couple focus is on a McKay cousin, Chassie West who has married Trevor Glazner and Trevor’s old lover, Edgard Mancuso.

My Take

For all the erotica with its threesome and man-on-man action, this story is really about relationships, the importance of communication, and a deep-seated love for the land and ranching.

James did well to let Chassie and Edgard get to know each other at first before dropping the bomb. It’s a tricky situation and having that foundation really helps. Something that’s true in any relationship.

The time apart has also been good for Trevor and Edgard as they both needed to do some growing up. Together, they fill in for each other’s lacks and make each other whole.

The Story

Things didn’t pan out in Brazil as Ed had expected, and he needs to see if there is anything for him in Wyoming. At first, Chassie is thrilled to meet a friend of her husband’s, but there are too many questions that aren’t getting answered until she stumbles over a scene in the barn that was nothing she would have expected.

Edgard isn’t alone in lousy family interactions, and Trev reluctantly heads back to his family’s ranch when he learns — a week after it occurred — that his father had a heart attack. It’s a wake-me-up trip as Trevor realizes just what he has in Chassie. Even if they are struggling. They may not be able to buy Gus Dutton’s ranch, but what they have is much more valuable.

The Characters

Chassie West is a McKay cousin and she recently lost her brother and dad (see Cowgirl Up and Ride). She did however marry Trevor Glazner when he came to help run her dad’s ranch. I did have my doubts as to Trevor’s motivations, especially after the events in Long Hard Ride and Rode Hard, Put Up Wet. Nice to have those doubts laid to rest. Edgard Mancuso had been Trevor’s roping partner on the rodeo circuit in Long Hard Ride and the two of them had a fairly tempestuous relationship which ended badly. I was happy to see him come back. He sure does seem to have loosened up a bit.

Tater Glazner is Trevor’s father and I’m with Trev. California can keep the bugger. Even worse, he’s the best of his family back there! His mother, Starla, is a waste of earth’s resources while his brother Brent can’t be bothered to actively manage the ranch, his wife Lianna never stands up for herself although she’s easily rude to everyone, Tanner is the younger brother whose rodeo ride has been cushioned by Daddy with absolutely no results, and Molly and her husband are dumber’n two posts. I love the way James describes the Glazner family home: Laura Ashely meets Conan the Barbarian.

Colby and Channing McKay have a confession to make to Chassie. Macie McKay‘s Dewey’s Delish Dish finds the Glazners and Mancuso catching up with Kade McKay and his sweet little Eliza. It’s the catching up that clues ’em all in that something is very wrong in McKay town. It can’t be flu, not when all the trucks are circlin’ in. India pops in for a quick ‘hi’ as well. We also meet Domini, Nadia‘s housemate, whom Macie put in charge of the kitchen while she’s on maternity leave…yup, another McKay’s a’comin’.

Brandy Martinson is a stuck-up woman who thinks she’s all that simply because she’s white, lived in town, and is pretty. She’s given Chassie a rough time all her life and…hoo, boy, is Chassie happy to give it right back when she waltzes into the bar with two gorgeous hotties.

And Cam McKay is missing in action in Iraq.

The Cover and Title

The cover has its bottom border of “carved leather work” with the floral spray of leaves separating the parchment-y base from the sepia-toned black-and-white photograph of a nude Trevor and Chassie sitting up and making love as Edgard waits his turn, white shirt unbuttoned to reveal his chest and the thick belt and buckle holding up his jeans.

The title has some interesting interpretations and the one I’m going with is that Chassie and Trevor are indeed Rough, Raw, and Ready when Edgard turns up on their doorstep.