Book Review: Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon’s Owlknight

Posted September 6, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews, Young Adult

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Book Review: Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon’s Owlknight


by Larry Dixon, Mercedes Lackey


Series: Darian's Tale #3, Valdemar: The Owl Mage Trilogy #3

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Genres: Fantasy

This Paperback has 450 pages and was published by DAW Books on November 1, 2000. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

Twenty-fifth in the primary Valdemar fantasy series, 1380-ish AF within the Valdemaran timeline, and third in Darian’s Tale as well as third in The Owl Mage Trilogy, both are subseries within Valdemar.

If you’re interested, there is a chronological listing of the Valdemar books on my website.

My Take

Owlknight is mostly a peek in at the people of Errold’s Grove and the k’Valdemar Vale granting us the opportunity to see how well everyone is settling in and working together. The development of the Vale into a more mature living center just as the entire area continues to progress is exemplified by Haven recognizing the area’s need for a permanent Herald.

Now we just have a few more bits to settle and some protections to take.

The Story

Errold’s Grove is finally getting a Herald — a Herald-Mage no less. And, he’s bringing an assistant Herald — Shandi is coming home!

The Council decides that Darian must be on an equal level with the Herald-Mage and everyone pulls out all the stops. Lord Breon makes Darian a knight; the Ghost Cat Clan adopt him; and, Firesong puts Darian through a most unexpected Test.

It’s not long after Herald-Mage Anda’s arrival that the clues that have been dropping on Darian make sense — the dreams, the raven’s feather from the Ghost Cat ceremony, and the fur-embroidered vest Keisha presents to him. His parents are alive!

A rescue that will be fraught with peril as well as many opportunities to teach, heal, and help others as information is gathered on possible enemies.

A journey that will force each to face their fears. Acknowledge those they love.

The Characters

Darian Firkin k’Vala k’Valdemar is a Journeyman-level Mage of Valdemar and a Hawkbrother of the Tayledras in the clan of k’Vala in the new k’Valdemar Vale outside his home village. Kuari, an owl, is his bond-bird.

Keisha is a full-fledged Healer now dividing her time between the village and the Vale where she lives with Darian.

The search party will include Steelmind, a Tayledras herb- and plantmaster; Wintersky, one of Darian’s oldest friends; Shandi and Karles, her Companion; Hywel, now a young Warrior of the Ghost Clan with a debt still to pay to Darian and Keisha; Kel, the leader of the Silver Gryphons; Hashi, a kyree; and, Tyrsell, the king stag of the dyheli, who sends Neta and a number of dyheli to help them on their journey.

Chief Vordon, Starfall, Firesong k’Treva, Silverfox, Lord Breon, and, Ayshen, the head hertasi, make brief appearances.

The Cover and Title

Oranges and lavender are my first impression of the cover with the lavender flashing as Kuari’s feathers. Almost a minor detail are the very serious couple in very festive dress in the lower left corner. The title, Owlknight, is certainly appropriate as Darian Firkin k’Vala k’Valdemar has certainly earned his spurs as a knight, and what could be more appropriate than to acknowledge Kuari.

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