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Final Justice (Sisterhood, #12) (Rules of the Game, #5)Final Justice by Fern Michaels
Series: Sisterhood, 12
            Rules of the Game, 5
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Twelfth in the Sisterhood; fifith in the Rules of the Game vengeance-suspense series based in Washington D.C. although, this story takes place in Las Vegas.

The Story
An old, estranged friend of Annie and Myra’s needs help. Her daughter is being illegally held in jail in Las Vegas for winning too much. AND, there’s some sneaky, underhanded fraud going on in the casinos.

So the troops straggle off to Vegas to overwhelm the Babylon’s casino security into giving it all up. Well, mostly Lizzie. Lizzie uses her sex appeal to ride really roughshod over everyone and it is a crack up to watch.

The Characters
Maggie Spritzer is the new Editor-in-Chief at the Washington Post and dives in wholeheartedly fulfilling the Sisterhood’s agenda at electing Martine Connor as the first woman president. Amazingly, Ted Robinson is still working at the Post. Major changes are happening over at the FBI—Elias Cummings is stepping down and getting married while Bert Navarro might be taking his place. Lizzie Fox is back in D.C. from her prolonged vacation and busy representing everyone associated, however remotely, from the Sisterhood and just might be falling in love…engaged-type falling in love. Nellie Easter might be stepping up to the altar as well and Annie de Silva is doing some ham-handed flirting with Little Fish, a Shoshone Indian. A bit of aid from Rena Gold from Fast Track is handy.

I’m thinking that Stu Franklin, one of Hank Owens’ inner ring of security thugs, is being set up to be Isabelle’s love interest in the future.

My Take
Gotta give it to Michaels. She is consistent. Lame, unbelievable activities running riot all over the book. Just how is a bunch of ninjas appearing on the White House lawn, doing a few acrobatics, and then disappearing into thin air while appearing to attack Navarro and Cummings supposed to make it look to the Senate like Navarro is a good guy in spite of his friendship with Jack Emery and Harry Wong? And just where did the whole ashes thing come from?? I wanna know what drugs Michaels is taking…’cause I wanna avoid them!

Then there’s the bit about the Post proclaiming that everyone in D.C. is heading to Vegas. That the airlines are gonna be mobbed. With what??? All the Sisterhood teams are going, yeah, and that makes a mob, how??? Considering that most of the sisters are taking a private jet and Lizzie and Ted already used the Post’s jet… Michaels already has Lizzie Fox representing absolutely everyone…and somehow law enforcement and reporters aren’t going to figure out that Lizzie is somehow connected to the Sisterhood? She’s got everyone’s profiles so high in the public eye, I just don’t understand how people aren’t noticing that there’s some kind of “coincidence” going on??

The Cover
The cover is so unrelated to what’s going on in this book. It is lovely but how does a canoe floating near the shore of a lovely lake at sunrise relate to gaming fraud and Las Vegas? The title makes sense, if Michaels’ hadn’t decided to continue on with the series. Final Justice seems, oh, I don’t know, final, as in “the end”. At least until I finished this particular installment and there is a very vague hint that the new President may give the ladies a pardon.

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