Book Review: Lorelei James’ Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

Posted January 10, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Lorelei James’ Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet


Lorelei James

erotic romance that was published by Samhain Publishing on August 2008 and has 300 pages.

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Second in the Rough Riders erotic western romance series. The couple focus is on two different couples on the same ranch: Cash and Gemma and Carter and Macie.

My Take

It is nice to read an erotic romance about an older woman!

When Cash tells Gemma he’ll be the boss in bed, he doesn’t mean it literally. He means he’s the boss when it comes to sex whether it takes place in the barn, the kitchen, a pasture…anywhere he might choose to demand her body and make some creative uses of ropes and spankings. And both Cash and Carter try to fulfill their ladies’ fantasies of threesomes.

Cash and Gemma have some issues to work through, and there’s a very real-world quality to their problems — James writes a great story dealing in emotions and makes it a very homey read with family/friend interactions. I did enjoy her descriptions of the blocks Carter is suffering for his art; it definitely touched a chord for me! That bit of tension between Carter and Macie at the end over the nudes he created was a nice touch; I liked the reactions of the McKay boys! Finally sunk it into that boy!!

The Story

Cash wasn’t expecting this. Gemma Jansen offering him a job as foreman on her ranch. And she’s accepted his terms. Him. In her bed. And he’s the boss in bed while she’s boss outside it. The only problem is that it screws up his promise to his daughter to spend the summer with her.

Then there’s Carter McKay. He is one hot cowboy, and he’ll be at the ranch as well.

Yup, Gemma and Cash and Carter and Macie are in for one hot summer at the Bar 9. Gemma and Cash working through their thoughts and expectations of each other, learning each other. Macie unsure as to her welcome and Carter’s obsession with his art and her body. An obsession that takes a nasty twist.

The Characters

Gemma Jansen has been widowed two years and ranching forever. Now she’s ready to tackle Cash. Cash Big Crow has had a decent career riding bulls, but family problems have drained his earnings away.

Macie Honeycutt is Cash’s daughter. He hasn’t been there for most of her life, and Cash is determined to make it up with her.

The McKays
Carter McKay is the youngest of the McKay boys, and they all have a reputation for the ladies. The oldest brother is Cord McKay; his wife divorced him, but he has custody of their son, Ky. Colby McKay almost got stomped to death by a bull and has made his wife Channing happy. Colt McKay is still keeping up the brothers’ rep for carousing. Cam McKay is a soldier in Iraq. Keely McKay is the only sister. Amy Jo — call her AJ — is Keely’s friend, and the two of them will be roommates at college down in Denver.

Velma owns and runs the Last Chance Diner. Jack Donohue is Carter’s university friend whom he’s asked to help him fulfill some fantasies. Trevor Glanzer is one of the cowboys who has been chasing Gemma and is a friend to both.

The Cover and Title

It’s a western cover all right with the ubiquitous cowboy mounted on his horse silhouetted against a white sky as the chemise-clad cowgirl — with straw cowboy hat — looks on from the open barn door. A lovely “carved leather” border separates the shadowed title from the graphics.

The title certainly plays around as all the important characters are under a lot of pressure in their career and romantic choices…and they certainly do get hot and sweaty. Yup, they all Rode Hard, and get Put Up Wet.