Book Review: Erin McCarthy’s Slow Ride

Posted February 28, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Erin McCarthy’s Slow Ride

Slow Ride


Erin McCarthy

contemporary romance that was published by Berkley on October 4, 2011 and has 283 pages.

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Fifth in the Fast Track racing romance series revolving around a group of professional race car drivers on the stock car circuit. The couple focus here is on Diesel Lange and Tuesday Talladega Jones.

My Take

McCarthy put a different spin on this one! There’s a bit of dominance from Diesel that’s complemented by Tuesday’s submissive nature in the bedroom. And she’s barely submissive there! A response Diesel finds he likes.

It’s mostly an exploration of issue avoidance. Diesel avoids confronting the career-ending racetrack accident that’s left him in pain for the past two years while Tuesday uses alcohol to numb her issues. As with most alcoholics, she denies she has a problem until confronted with visual and verbal evidence.

This exploration is mostly sub rosa with the surface action focusing on the growing passion between two people who are so different from each other. I do like Diesel’s relaxed and unexpected ease! Other than Tuesday’s drinking problem, she has an amazing openness in her honesty and acceptance. I suspect their interaction is what most of us would love to have with the opposite sex!

Oh, and Evan and Kendall endure the birth of Sara’s baby…

The Story

It’s Evan and Kendall’s wedding, and Tuesday hacks up that nasty coconut cake. Right into Diesel’s hand. Another rescue at Diesel’s hands, literally. Nice. Real nice behavior for the maid of honor… It’s okay, Diesel feels sorry for her. He’s lost family as well. Knows what it feels like. The fact that she is so damn hot is neither here nor there. Really.

It’s his uncle’s benign threats about race night at the church that makes Diesel take that first step and bargain for a date with Tuesday. Just the thought of her is driving Diesel nuts, but he keeps being a gentleman…until Tuesday shows up in her riding outfit…complete with crop! Who knew it could be such a…tease?!

The Characters

Tuesday “Talladega” Jones is the racing world’s blogger. The one who terrifies everyone. She’s also just lost her father, Bob Jones, to cancer when the story opens — and she misses him so very much. Kendall Hancock Monroe is her best friend, which is why she’s Kendall’s maid of honor.

Daniel “Diesel” Lange now spends his time restoring old cars. Since his spectacular racing accident, he can’t drive anymore but he can still be around the cars. He was Bob Jones’ favorite driver. Wilma is his dog. Diesel’s uncle is Johnny Briggs (Beth Briggs is his wife), father of the deceased Pete Briggs, Tamara’s first husband, making the kids his nephew and niece. Ty McCordle has a cameo.

Suzanne and Ryder Jefferson have a cameo role; Suzanne’s had the baby, Li’l Track. Ellie Babcock is the daughter of a friend of Aunt Beth with whom she is threatening Diesel. A threat that we will discover has a lot of merit!

The Cover and Title

Well, they’re not hiding anything in this green-backgrounded cover! Diesel leaning back against a car in his white, v-necked T and blue jeans with his legs spread and the author’s name and title so casually framing his crotch. Tuesday’s tucked in behind his leg wearing a knee-length black dress with no back…well, what would you call it when there are only three straps holding it together?

The title reflects the speed at which Diesel and Tuesday pursue their relationship — and at which Diesel makes love, it’s definitely a Slow Ride.


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