Book Review: Larissa Ione’s Rogue Rider

Posted June 8, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

Book Review: Larissa Ione’s Rogue Rider

Rogue Rider


Larissa Ione

It is part of the Lords of Deliverance #4, series and is a inspirational romance that was published by Piatkus on November 20, 2012 and has 391 pages.

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Fourth in the Lords of Deliverance paranormal romance series. The couple focus is on Jillian Cardiff and Reseph.

My Take

Whoa, this is intense with some incredible contrasts between torture — talk about penance! — and happiness. The contrast between the dreaded Reseph’s newfound domesticity and his former rampaging pestilent demon side is incredible. And I do so love seeing the happy-go-lucky Reseph meet his “doom”, LOL, it’s just so sweet!

A sweetness that is quickly offset by Reseph’s reunion with his family as the memories come pouring back.

The byplay between Reaver and Harvester is getting obvious. I guess Ione is prepping us for Reaver, 5. What I didn’t like was the poor-bullied-kid-on-the-playground routine Ione has concocted for Harvester. Too obvious, too lame in a very eye-rolling kinda way.

Oh, too funny, Reseph is trying to explain about the groupies the Horsemen have: Ares has the War Mongers, Thanatos’ Reapers, and Reseph’s Riders.

This is an installment you do not want to miss as there are too many revelations about parents and spies — and some bad guys getting theirs, yeah!

The Story

A blizzard is coming on and Jillian wants to be sure she has enough firewood to hand. Only, she doesn’t count on finding a frozen almost-dead man.

Meanwhile, Reaver is being tortured in Sheoul-gra with worse to come when Harvester makes her offer. One he’ll have to accept if he’s to get free and protect Reseph.

The Aegis, operating on bad information and their own stupid prejudices, have decided to kidnap Logan and raise him themselves.

The Characters

Jillian Cardiff is hiding out in the Colorado mountains after the attack on her outside her FAA office. Sam is the sorrel who helps her haul in the wood. Doodle is her Bengal cat. Tanya and Stacey Markham, a female deputy, are friends. Jason is the now-ex-fiancé.

Reseph is Pestilence, the first Horseman whose Seal broke, and he almost destroyed the world. For humans. His horse is Conquest. Even Conquest gets his HEA!

Reaver, a saved battle angel is the Heavenly Watcher; he made a deal with Hades and now he’s trapped in Sheoul-gra. Too weak to resist Harvester, his opposite number. Whine is Harvester’s warg slave with a dread message for her from Lucifer. Revenant is the new evil Watcher, and he got the major upgrade. He’ll not tolerate any sass. Gethel was a Watcher until relieved of her duty. Modran, Raphael, and Darnella are a few of the angels who refuse to believe Reaver about Gethel.

Matthew Evans is a deputy sheriff in Nowhere; Miller is the sheriff. Nancy Garrett runs the homeless shelter where Jillian drops off Reseph. Trey Yates is the local bully boy.

Regan Mathews is mated to Thanatos, Death of the four Horsemen. Logan Thanatos is their son. Styx is Thanatos’ horse. Limos (Famine) is married to Arik Wagner, an Aegis Guardian, while Ares (War) is with Cara. a hellhound whisperer. Rath is their adopted Ramreel demon toddler. Hal is Cara’s loved hellhound, and Cujo is the hellhound puppy who protects Rath. Lilith is their mother; Yenrieth is their father.

Azagoth runs Sheoul-gra where Hades is normally bound.

The Aegis is a private organization whose Guardians hunt demons with twelve Elders running it. It was anyway. The organization has split with those who believe all demons are bad and another group who believe there is good and bad in any race. Those who have betrayed the order and are listening to Gethel include Lance McKinney, Juan, Omar, Delia, and Takumi. Those who are the true believers have formed up their own organization, the Demonic Activity Response Team (DART), and includes Kynan Morgan , Decker, Tayla, Regan, and Valeriu.

Shade is a Seminus (incubus) demon and paramedic at UG; he’s also one of the hospital’s founders with his other brothers: Eidolon, who is in charge and is a doctor, and Wraith, a vampire with a talent for finding things.

Soulshredders and khnives are demons.

The Cover and Title

The cover is hot in its chilly setting, for it’s winter on the snow-covered bare branches with a flash of heat in the glare of the sun producing heat bubbles, ones that Jillian and Reseph don’t even notice, so caught up in each other as they are.

The title is enough of a hint that this story is about the Rogue Rider, that bad boy horseman, Pestilence.