Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Fury of the Demon

Posted July 12, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Fury of the Demon

Fury of the Demon


Diana Rowland

urban fantasy that was published by DAW Books on January 7, 2014 and has 416 pages.

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Sixth in the Kara Gillian urban fantasy series revolving around former Detective Gillian around whom demons circle.

My Take

I can’t decide if I like this series for the twist Rowland has put on our view of demons — that revelation from Helori at the end certainly ups the interest level(!) — or if it’s the characters I enjoy so much. They’re distinct with their own personalities, and Rowland definitely comes up with interesting scenarios in each installment. There’s humor and drama, and love. Lots of love. It’s homey. Odd, how homey this series is with all the demons running amuck, lol.

As for this installment, there is a lot going on: kidnappings, traps, torture-murders, betrayals galore, new magics are introduced, the posse increases in size, and many truths spill forth. From the truths about Ryan and Szerain, the origins of the demonic lords, Mzatal’s past, Idris’ origins, and Ryzhtahl’s activities. Some of these truths come about as a result of testings, some from detective work, while yet more spill over from battles fought.

I like that Kara doesn’t get truly angry over Zack and Ryan moving in. What they’ve done makes sense, and I LOVE all the changes they’ve made! I also love that Rowland keeps it somewhat real by having Kara angry inside about some of this. Although, I do like the idea of kitchen elves. I’d like some’a them.

Wow, it was intense about Szerain rising up in Ryan — who doesn’t know he’s being a human prison for the demon lord. A nice bit of conflict introduced with Ryan loving Kara and unhappy about Mzatal’s interest, but Szerain not being interested. The truth about Ryan really hits home in this one as we learn how the real Ryan died, and it’s enough to make you want to cry. Jill also learns the truth about Zack.

The road trip was a bit tame. Useful, but I had hoped for some kind of dramatic attack. In fact, the whole story was tamer than it could have been. I liked it. Don’t get me wrong. However, there were a number of areas in which Rowland could have ratcheted up the tension and drama and created a really great story. There was the whole Rowan/Kara thing with the posse reminding Kara that she’s Kara but I’m not getting the feeling that she’s in danger except with the boys continually harping on this. The sudden reluctance on Zack’s part seems weird. Was he all fine in the previous stories because Mzatal wasn’t in the picture? I like the tension brought into the story with Bryce and Paul, I just wish it had been more, um, intense. Just as I would have liked (liked to hate?) it if Kara had been more concerned about Mzatal loving her. It was too easy.

I’m worried about Tessa. She’s gone off on this vacation, but she was also one of Katashi’s students. And the bad guys are targeting people Kara cares about.

As I said, I liked it, but I would have loved it if my heart rate had gone pitter-pat really fast.

The Story

Pulled into the demon realm in Sins of the Demon, 4, Kara is on the mend and learning fast. Not fast enough to interrupt Idris’ transfer to Earth and his continued torments, however.

The chase is on, on Earth that is, as Kara comes home to a changed home and new tenants. From lone summoner to a family. One who will remind her of her Kara identity as they work to prevent the Rowan identity from taking her over while they hunt for Idris’ captors and struggle to keep those they love safe.

The Characters

Kara Gillian is now a consultant assigned to the FBI task force on the arcane and focused on training and conditioning her physical, mental, and arcane skills. She has an affinity for the grove as well as Vshul, Szerain’s essence blade. “Rowan” is the thrall identity Rhyzkahl wants to take over Kara. Eilahn is a syraza demon assigned to be Kara’s bodyguard. She’s lots of fun! Fuzzykins is Eilahn’s very-pregnant cat. Aunt Tessa is also a demon summoner and has a shop in town. Carl is her boyfriend who works as a morgue tech at the coroner’s office.

Ryan Kristoff is an overlay that imprisons Lord Szerain, the oathbreaking demonic lord. He’s also an FBI agent living, with Zack, in Kara’s house with whom Kara is in love. Right along with Mzatal. Zack Garner, a.k.a., Zakaar, is Szerain’s demahnk demon bodyguard, guardian, and an FBI agent as well. He’s also Jillian’s baby-daddy and Rhyzkahl’s ptarl. Jillian Faciane is Kara’s best friend, a CSI tech, and eight-months pregnant.

Lord Mzatal is the demon lord who rescued Kara in Touch of the Demon, 5. He also created the essence blades for himself, Rhyzkahl, and Szerain. Mzatal carries Khatur. Gestamar is his essence-bound reyza. Ilana is his ptarl, a demahnk advisor. Steeev is another syraza demon who will become Jill’s bodyguard. Jekki and Faruk are a mated pair of small, blue faas demons who love to take care of people. Three of the illius demons who make Mzatal’s palace their home include Wuki, Dakdak, and Tata.

Idris Palatino is a human summoner who chose to become Mzatal’s apprentice; Kara has her suspicions about his origins. Amber Gavin and Rose Palatino are his sisters; Angela and Jerome are his parents.

Lord Elofir is Mzatal’s lone ally, a true pacifist. Greeyer is his ptarl. Michelle Clelland is with Elofir after she was almost a victim of the Symbol Man in Mark of the Demon, 1. Elinor was a summoner working with Szerain who laid waste the demon world. Giovanni was her lover.

Beaulac PD
Detectives Vincent Pellini and Marcel Boudreaux are with Violent Crimes and major pains. For some reason, Pellini is nice in this, and it has Kara worried. Baxter is a crime scene tech. Dr. Lanza is the coroner’s office pathologist. Corey Crawford was Kara’s boss.

The bad demon lords, the Mraztur, include:
Lord Rhyzkahl is the betraying one who seduced Kara; Xahn is his essence blade. Kehlirik and Pyrenth are some of his reyza.

Lord Kadir, a.k.a., Creepshow, is crazy-mad and dangerous. He also likes to hunt and torture people, but he also adheres to the rules. Helori is an Elder syraza and Kadir’s ptarl who helped Kara heal. Lord Jesral and Lord Amkir, a.k.a., King of the Assholes, are Rhyzkahl’s allies in wanting to take over the world.

Isumo Katashi, the first summoner of the twentieth century, had been Mzatal’s marked summoner but has been a traitorous ally to the Mraztur most of this time. Tsuneo is his senior summoner and is marked by Jesral. Tito is a student and a thug. Gina Hallsworth is another summoner.

Rasha Hassan Jalal al-Khouri is a summoner who was married to Sapar. Jade is her granddaughter. Mystery Man Twenty-two, a.k.a., Aaron Asher, was one of Rasha’s students and is now working with Katashi.

James Macklin Farouche, a.k.a., Big Mack, is a local boy with his own arcane powers who made good with a variety of companies including StarFire Security and a reputation for philanthropy. Angus McDunn is his personal bodyguard. Carter, Charles Clancy, and Sonny Hernandez are more of his security. Sonny is/was also one of Paul’s handlers, a man Bryce saved, and with his own touch of calm. Hanson is an accountant, Stevens is an in-house financial advisor, Aberdeen is a surveillance specialist, and Hennie‘s a great cook. All with the ability to sense the arcane. Nigel Fox is a top man as is Jerry Steiner, who is also a sadistic prick.

Bryce Thatcher is part of Farouche’s security team. He’s bodyguarding a computer genius with an ability to sense the arcane, Paul Ortiz, and they’ve bonded.

There are eleven <strongqaztahl, demonic lords, and their job is to maintain the plexus that holds their world together after Szerain’s actions almost destroyed it. Vahl, Vrizar, and Rayst are the others not involved. Demahnk are an elder syraza. Illius are the equivalent of arcane vultures who feed on stray essence from dead or dying creatures. Zrila are clever and very creative.

The grove is a network that connects the lands of the demon lords and a magical entity on its own. A nexus is a focal point of power; it can supercharge rituals done on top of it. If Kara can master all eleven rings of the shikvihr ritual (each ring has eleven sigils), it means Kara will be able to use floaters, floating sigils, that eliminate the need for chalk or blood drawings. Faster means a better chance of survival.

The Cover and Title

The cover is scary with Kara under siege in her sexy black dress, a gleaming essence blade in hand and her sigils all alight as she waits behind a demon wing in the midst of a fiery battle against a misty gray background at Larouche’s place.

The title is all about about Mzatal and his Fury of the Demon as he battles the four demon lords.