Book Review: Jim Butcher’s White Night

Posted January 20, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Jim Butcher’s White Night

White Night


Jim Butcher

It is part of the The Dresden Files #9 series and is a urban fantasy on April 3, 2007 and has 416 pages.

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Ninth in The Dresden Files urban fantasy series about a wizard/private investigator who thinks outside the box and lives in Chicago. If you’re interested, there is a chronological listing of the The Dresden Files books on my website.

My Take
Well that just figures, for as often as the bible has been written and re-written, turns out that part of the bible that states you shouldn’t permit a witch to live was generalized down from “harmful caster of spells”. Yep, the new wording no longer provides a distinction, anymore, between good and evil. Yeah, yeah, the bible is written directly from the mouth of God . . . and I gots this here bridge I wanna sell youse.

It’s bad, and only gets worse when Harry finally makes contact. Then when Thomas gets brought in, it gets even worse. For the only way Harry can get out of trouble is to pretend that he and Thomas are lovers. Crack. Me. Up. At least Harry’s consistent, as he continually cracks me up. He’s full of snark and a realistic cynicism with a dollop of olde worlde manners. He’s old enough — worse, he’s been around the block so many times, that he takes the piss out of the younger ones. Then there’s Marcone’s reasoning for giving Harry the white glove treatment everywhere he owns a business or building – he reckons it’s cheaper that way, LOL.

And convoluted . . . well, what can you expect when it’s the White Court of vampires? The masters of the underhanded and sneaky. Hmmm, it takes a really sneaky mind to come up with all this . . .

You really have to read this one. There is so much that happens in this. So many secrets revealed, questions answered, more questions raised . . . You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll hope this all stays within the realm of fiction.

The Story
Thank god Stallings believes or Murph’ might not get those days off. And Harry will need all the help he can get as he discovers the full extent of these so-called suicides.

The Characters
Harry Dresden is teaching magic to his new apprentice, Molly Carpenter. Yep, Michael’s daughter. And they’re both under a Doom of Damocles — if Molly screws up, they’re both dead. He’s also been a Warden of the White Council for two years now — and scaring off Mac’s customers. Thomas is Harry’s half-brother and a White Court vampire who finally moved out of Harry’s apartment in Proven Guilty, 8. He owns an old boat, the Water Beetle. Mouse, Harry’s Temple dog, more than pulls his weight while Mister is his humongously heavy cat. Lasciel is a mind creation on Harry’s part of the Denarian demon/fallen angel whose coin he picked up in xx, ##. Elaine Mallory was Harry’s first love, and now she’s working out of L.A. Bob is a spirit entity, who is caged in a human skull and assists Harry with magic.

Sergeant Karrin Murphy works at Special Investigations, the division at Chicago PD that handles anything weird. That’s right. Sergeant. Murphy got demoted when she went AWOL during a serial killer spree in Proven Guilty. Sergeant John Stallings is now in charge. Waldo Butters is a disgraced medical examiner with a passion for polka. And it’s been two years since Harry’s been over to see him at the Forensic Institute, Butters, however, has been helping Harry with therapy on his hand. Brioche is his unbelieving boss.

Pauline Moskowitz, Ms. Caselli, Sally, and Jessica Blanche all share many things in common, including their “suicides” in hotel rooms. Only Blanche was an employee of the new and “improved” Velvet Room run by Gentleman John Marcone, Chicago’s premier mobster. Hendricks is Marcone’s primary bodyguard and enforcer. Ms. Gard is a security consultant and a supernatural. Ms. Demeter is Marcone’s manager at the Velvet Room.

With her dog, Toto, Anna Ash is a member of the Ordo Lebes, a coven of witches; she’s hired a private investigator of their own. So is the evil Helen Beckitt (see Storm Front, 1) as are Priscilla, Olivia, and Abby.

The White Council is the governing body of the supernaturals on earth. Wardens are the “armed forces of the White Council” and polices the wizards. No one likes to see a Warden coming. Carlos Ramirez is the regional commander over the western United States and knows of Elaine. Captain Anastasia Luccio is their commander, still enjoying her much younger body. Morgan is her second-in-command and takes the field in her place. Listens-to-Wind is part of the Senior Council and will collect Ramirez.

The king of the Red Court vampires started this war.

The White Court of vampires
Lara Raith is the power-behind-the-throne of House Raith, the ruling White Court house. Justine is the somewhat insane human who loves Thomas and whom Thomas loves in return. The other big Houses are Skavis (feeds on pain or despair, hmmm, suicide anyone?) led by Lord Skavis and Malvora (feeds on fear) led by Lady Cesarina Malvora. Her son is Vittorio.

Cowl is an incredibly powerful wizard Harry first managed to survive against in an earlier story and caused Harry to believe in a Black Council. Yeah . . . “bring it, Darth Bathrobe!” Madrigal Raith, Thomas’ cousin shows up.

McAnnally’s is a pub for the supernatural set. It is designated as a neutral zone per the Unseelie Accords, and it’s run by Mac. FYI, he brews his own ale. A soulgaze is a mutual look in great depth into the mind and character of another. Once you look, you know the truth about that person and can never forget it. Justin DuMorne was the black warlock who took Harry from the orphanage and taught him, using his Junior de Sade methods. The Nevernever is an alternate plane of existence of which Faerie and the Ways are but a part. Donar Vadderung is CEO of Monoc Securities in Oslo.

The Cover & Title
In keeping with the title, the cover has a white background with Harry emerging from the swirling mist, wearing his signature duster and fedora and carrying his staff, the runes aglow.

The title is oh-so-appropriate when Harry figures it out. It is a White Night of surprises.